Dachshund – A Wonderful Dog Breed You Should Consider Owning


A dog can bring a lot of joy to your life. He showers you with unconditional love and makes you smile after a hard day. If you want to get the amazing experience of owning a dog, a dachshund is certainly a breed to consider.

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4 Surefire Signs of Good or Bad Health in Dogs

Signs of Good or Bad Health in Dogs

As in humans, obesity can cause serious problems in dogs, including heart and lung diseases, diabetes, bone and joint difficulties and so on. However, if your pet drops a significant amount of weight in a short time, that can also indicate a problem.

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4 Easy Ideas for Animal Fundraising

Animal fundraising

We always feel bad when we see abandoned, sick, malnourished animals roaming aimlessly on streets. We feel like doing something for them. But not always do we have the required money. In that case, fundraising for animals is a good idea. Instead of just requesting people to donate money, if we can arrange some amusing activities for the donors, they too will enjoy it, and we can get the required money for the animals in need of good food, shelter, medications and other necessities. Here are some ideas.

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BarrelCoops – An Amazing Way to Express Your Love and Gratitude Towards Your Pet

I love my Scottish Terrier sticker

Pets are incredible. Most of the times, they prove that they are better than humans when it comes to unconditional love, innocence and amusing gestures. Let’s face it, your human friends cannot match your pet friends. So, now it’s time to show some gratitude towards these extremely cute creatures.

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Outstanding Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Have you ever considered trying hydrotherapy on your beloved dog? If not, or if you’re surprised by the idea, let me tell you that dogs can benefit from hydrotherapy just like we humans do. Not convinced yet? Here’s what you should know.

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CBD Oil for Dogs – Things You Need to Know

Holistic vets have been using CBD oil for dogs for quite a while now and they seem to be very satisfied with the results. But, as with any other wellness trend, for both animals and humans, too much information about CBD oil and CBD oil treats for dog is floating around, making pet owners rather confused, instead of convinced, when it comes to their benefits. Since we all want to do what’s best for our furry companions, I’ve tried to gather all the necessary facts regarding CBD oil for dogs, as well as the products based on it.

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The Best Dog Hot Spot Treatment Home Remedies

Hot spots can be a painful, uncomfortable condition for dogs and it’s important to treat them right away.

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