5 Pet Dental Care Tips to Enable Your Dog to Lead a Happy Life without a Toothache

pet dental care weddington animal hospitalFortunately, dogs are not as susceptible to dental cavities as humans. However, although the truth is that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than that of a human, dogs can undergo dental problems, like plaque and tartar and even gingivitis.

When it comes to a dog’s dental health, it’s not only yellow teeth and bad breath that are worrisome. Just like humans, canine dental problems too can give rise to life-threatening issues including infections, and diseases of heart, kidney and liver. To keep up-to-date information on your dog’s dental and overall health you should always be in touch with a good hospital like Weddington Animal Hospital. Plus, you’ll have to care for your dog’s dental health and see to it that your doggy is not facing a problem which he cannot share with you.

1. Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Dogs cannot brush their own teeth, neither do they understand the importance of brushing. As a result, as a dog parent, you have the duty to brush your dog’s teeth properly. However, dogs are often reluctant to brush. Use a soft brush that you can attach on your finger so that it can move freely around your dog’s mouth. Take care to clean below the gum line. However, be gentle. Don’t rub the brush hard on your dog’s teeth because that can corrode the enamel. Even the bristles can prick into the soft skin of gum and create perforations there to create new problems.

Regarding reluctance of your dog about brushing, if you coax him and make things fun for him, he’ll soon come to know that he cannot skip the routine and then he’ll stop escaping. You can further make the experience pleasant for both of you by rewarding him if he lets you do the brushing nicely. The reward doesn’t need to be necessarily food. You can give him extra attention, take him on a walk, play with him and so on.

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

2. Chew Toys and Chew Bones

You can get many synthetic chew toys and bones that are particularly created to strengthen dogs’ teeth and gums. Just make sure the item you choose is safe for your dog and he cannot gulp it. The items should also not be very hard as too hard items may break your pet’s teeth.

Letting your dog chew a bone will make her teeth strong and get rid of plaque buildup. However, just as only chewing gum and then rinsing mouth is not good for human teeth, it’s not good for even your dog’s teeth.

pet dental care weddington animal hospital

3. Start Early

If you brought your dog home when she was a puppy or she was born in your home and you know her since her infancy, your job becomes even easier. Start cleaning your pup’s teeth right from her babyhood and she will never avoid brushing as a grown up. Take care of doing it gently and with love. You have to be patient and avoid getting annoyed.

Start Early

4. Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Many dog parents make the mistake of brushing their dog’s teeth with their own toothpaste. Most human toothpastes contain fluoride which is absolutely toxic for dogs. You should choose a toothpaste specially formulated for dogs. You can get one in a good pet store. You can even take the advice of your vet.

Choosing the Right Toothpaste

5. Prefer Dry Food to Soft Food

Other than brushing, you have one more solution to keep your dog’s teeth clean – it’s crunchy food. Crunchy foods tend to pull out dirt from your pet’s teeth and clean them, while soft foods tend to remain stuck to teeth causing problems like tooth decay.

Follow these pet dental care tips and your dog can lead a happy life without a toothache.