8 Potential Dangers from which You Should Save Your Dog

dog and vetThere is a danger at every corner on the road of life. We humans are fortunate to have brains enough to identify them and keep ourselves safe. But this is not the case with animals. Especially if the dangers have been created by human beings, animals can’t identify them with their natural instinct and may fall prey to them. As a dog parent, you should save your beloved pet child from these dangers. Here are a few such potential dangers from which you should keep your dog safe.

1. Toxins

There are plenty of exciting foods, sights, scents and adventures around your dog. While there are many healthy ways to put weight on a dog, there are also many dangerous foods that may act as toxins for your dog, but are extremely attractive to look at. Learn carefully about such substances that may be toxic to your dog upon touching or eating. Avoid keeping those things in your home or where your dog normally moves around. It’s also important to learn what to do if your dog comes in contact with the toxins.

2. Dog Fights

Dog fights are terrible to look at. It’s even more miserable that dog play and dog fight look similar to each other and so, it’s difficult to tell what’s happening exactly. It can’t even be told when a fight will start while the dogs are playing amicably and when you should interfere to stop it. So, it’s important to keep a keen eye while your dog is playing with another dog and learn signs of fighting so that you can interfere on time.

dog fight

3. Summer Heat

Summer is a great time to spend time together with your furry friend. However, the heat also may pose some dangers to your dog, like sunburn, heat stroke etc. To save him from the heat, keep him well-hydrated and play with him in a shady area. Always carry a water bottle for you and your dog, which you can get refilled on the way.

keep the dog well-hydrated

4. Winter Cold

Just like summer, winter too can pose certain dangers to your dog like frostbite, and you should keep your dog safe. Never keep your dog out in the winter season. Provide him with a warm dog bed instead of letting him sleep on plain floor. If possible, bring warm clothes for him and use them.

5. Lost or Stolen

Your beloved pooch getting lost or stolen is perhaps the biggest peril for you. Dogs tend to run away from home to explore their surroundings and can’t find the way back. Sometimes, they may even be stolen. Make sure your dog is wearing his id tag all the time. The safest way is to put a microchip on your dog so as to track him.

6. Illnesses

Dogs tend to get ill from time to time. It’s necessary to take them to vets regularly and vaccinate them as per the schedule. You can know many healthy ways to put weight on a dog from your vet and also s/he can identify the signs of an illness before it gets worse and thus you can save your dog from that illness.

dog and vet

7. Water

It’s wrong to assume that your dog knows to swim by birth. Barring some breeds, other dogs don’t know swimming and some even hate stepping into water. If you want to introduce your dog to water and swimming, do it slowly. Better use a life jacket. Life jackets should also be worn while you take your dog with you while boating, rafting or kayaking. Try to attract your dog to water with pool toys. But if even then he is not interested, don’t push.

dog swimming

8. Motor Vehicles

If you take your dog with you in a car, never leave him unattended in the car. Dogs’ body temperature soon raises and he may even die due to heat. Better take him with you instead of leaving him in the car alone.

Save your dear pooch from these dangers and you can enjoy his company for years to come.