Amazing Tips for Choosing Toys for Your Dog

cotton dog rope toy knotBeing a dog parent is an extremely delightful experience. To see your dog playing and get involved in the play is the best way to strengthen your relationship with him. You may wonder what type of toys to give to your pooch so that he will feel happy and amused all the time. Here are a few tips.

What’s the Age of Your Dog?

Dogs don’t become mature with age as humans do. Still, while choosing toys for your dog, it’s a good idea to consider his age. This is mainly due to the dog’s bodily features associated with age. E.g. a three-week old pup has baby teeth and therefore soft rubber, fabric or plush toys are good for him. While he is teething from 3 to 9 months and trying to chew on anything he gets his paws on, it’s better to give him various chew toys.

Once teething is over and your dog develops strong teeth and jaws, harder rubber balls and rope pulls will be great for his endless energy. After the age of 7, there won’t be the same strong jaws and teeth with your senior dog and at this time, it’s important to give him softer toys to chew and easy-to-toss balls as well as sticks to keep him active. Fortunately there are a lot of options available for every age group of dogs. For example, go through where you can get a range of pet toys and other pet supplies including leashes, anti-lost trackers, costumes, grooming products, nail clippers and more.

Types of Toys

You may be daunted with the variety of toys available in pet shops. But you can remember these four basic toys and then choose the right one.


Balls again come in a great variety, like foam balls, rubber balls, squeaker balls, tennis balls, plush balls and so on. Each of these bounces in a different way. Some even float and glow in dark, providing great amusement for your pet at night. Remember to choose durable material to prevent your dog from chewing the ball to pieces.

Tug Toys

Most dogs are fond of playing tug-of-war with other dogs or their parents. Here too, you should remember to bring a tug toy that your dog cannot chew to pieces. Tug toys are usually made of fire hose, linen, rope, leather or linen, and so, you should immediately replace them if you notice damages.


While anything can be a chew toy, there are some toys especially made to chew on. They are typically made from hard rubber or nylon and are built to last. You should choose chewables that are soft enough to be safe for teeth, but hard enough not to break down to pieces.


Most dogs love plush toys, but unfortunately they are not very safe, because they can be easily torn apart and ingested. Therefore if you want to give plush toys to your dog, you should constantly supervise the play.

Follow these tips and bring joy to yours and your dog’s life!