Fido Saves the Earth—Custom Dog Leashes and Dog Collars

fido saves the earthSometimes the Standard Just Isn’t Enough

So you just got a new pup. First stop, pet store. You go to the puppy food isle and see countless options—some with whole grains, some organic, and some with extra support for your dog’s particular breed. In the next isle, it’s a wall of all of the toys imaginable—chew toys, fetching toys, bones, squeaky footballs, etc. The list of toy options goes on and on and on.

However, when it comes to choosing accessory items (collars, leashes, harnesses) for your pup or dog, the options are no longer countless, colorful, or creative. They are standard, bland, and fail to express your pup’s loving and energetic sides.

All dogs are not the same, so why should all collars and leashes be the same? Fido Saves the Earth, a company that specializes in personalized dog collars and dog leashes, is changing the game by bringing the world of personalization to your dog. In addition to offering an eclectic mix of collars, leashes, and harnesses, within each distinctive design, you have the freedom to choose between different color options, fabric options, size options, and style options.

Custom Hemp Dog Collars

Uniquely, Fido Saves the Earth offers custom fit hemp dog collars. Hemp is a natural fiber that has remarkable strength and stability for its weight. Some dogs are mildly allergic to nylon fiber, making hemp a great healthy and alternative option for your dog.

Thank You Martingales

Martingale collars have become an ingenious addition to the world of dog collars. For those of us who have walked dogs who pull with significant strength, we’ve all at some point or another thought that there must be a better way. Then came the Martingale. Martingale collars allow for a more displaced amount of pressure around your dog’s neck, allowing for firm control yet protection for your pet’s neck and windpipe. Martingales have become the new cutting edge collar in functionality and style.

Made In America

These days it’s hard to find anything made in America anymore, yet Fido Saves the Earth is offering dog products made in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Martha’s Vineyard is not only where they design the collars and leashes, but also where each one is made by hand. Fido Saves the Earth’s collars and leashes demonstrate America’s continued and trustworthy state of the art craftsmanship. Know your getting the best American made for your dog.

We Love our Pets

Fido Save’s The Earth allows you to complete the set. All their collars have matching leashes and harnesses so that you and your dog can walk down the block in style.

We don’t want to live our lives with minimal fun, creativity, or functionality. Nor do our pets. Let’s raise the bar of what it means to be a dog and dog owner to a whole new level.