Great Natural Home Remedies for Dogs with Arthritis

senior dog with arthritisIf your dog is senior now and is suffering from painful arthritic joints, it’s painful for you to see him disabled with the disease. But the fact is that dogs need not be immobile and inactive because of age and the eventual arthritis. To keep them perfectly healthy and active even in the later years of age, we can turn to nature rather than giving costly chemical (& thereby toxic) medications and vaccines. Here are a few Natural home remedies for dogs with arthritis.

Treat Inflammation, the Underlying Cause of Arthritis

It was once believed that arthritis is caused by wear and tear. The latest research shows that that’s not the case. Stanford University researchers say that arthritis can result from chronic, low-grade inflammation. The immune system secretes proteins that attack joints and also bind to the cells in the joints that produce cartilage, making them release even more of the damaging proteins. This causes a flow of chronic, low-grade inflammation in the joint, particularly if arthritis already exists.

You may think that since you are giving anti-inflammatory drugs to your dog, his arthritis will go away. However, the fact is that these drugs don’t address the real cause of your dog’s inflammation. And unfortunately, new research has shown that NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can actually cause even more damage to the joints and soft tissue of your dog.

Not all inflammations are bad for the body. If your dog encounters bacteria or viruses or gets wounded, the resulting acute inflammation will invite white blood cells to the affected site and start the process of healing. However, chronic inflammation, the type of inflammation that continues for weeks, months and even years, is actually guilty for most inflammatory and degenerative health issues in your dog.

So, we’ll first have to fight against inflammation on priority that can cause and worsen arthritis in dogs. Take a look at Holistapet natural anti inflammatory treatments. Here are steps you can take.

dog with arthritis

Treat the Leaky Gut

You may know that poor diet would cause joint disease. But did you know how? Here it is.

The tiny holes in your dog’s gut lining allow only tiny (digested) food particles to enter the body to work as fuel, and prevent larger undigested molecules and toxins because they can wreak havoc with the immune system. But if the gut is damaged, these tiny holes will stretch and the harmful substances can start entering the body causing an immune reaction.

Inflammation is the response of body to foreign invaders but when the gut is damaged and foreign invaders continuously keep entering the body, that causes chronic low-grade inflammation resulting in arthritis.

So, what damages the dog’s gut?

  • Processed, grain-based foods comprising of rice, wheat, soy and spelt, sugar, GMOs, meat from stressed factory-raised animals, and so on
  • Unrequired steroids, NSAIDs, deworming drugs, antibiotics, tick and flea treatments etc. that kills the gut flora
  • Vaccines that not only contain foreign animals but also heavy metals like aluminum and exaggerate the immune response

Fix the Fats

Fats are very important for dogs. If they don’t get enough fat or wrong balance of fats, things can go seriously wrong.

Most of the fats your dog eats are either omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids which are both essential for your dog. Omega-6 starts inflammation and omega-3 reduces it. So, there should be a perfect balance between them. If we mess with them, the result is dreadful. Grains and factory-farmed animals’ meat are high in omega-6 fats that bring about a rise in inflammation. To keep this balanced, your dog should be fed with grass-fed animals (and not grain-fed factory-raised animals). If it’s not possible, increase omega-3 fats in his diet by adding fish or phytoplankton (but not fish oil as they turn rancid and increase inflammation).

feed right food

Add Antioxidants

Save your dog from the tiny monsters called free radicals that cause degenerative diseases by feeding them antioxidants like phytoplankton, turmeric, wild blueberries, and so on.

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