Important Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog At your Home

Before you get a new dog or puppy to your home, you should consider the below mentioned factors:

1. Having a dog or puppy is a fulltime commitment. Animals get attached with you and your family very quickly. Change in ownership can be very complicated, so you should be ready for all the responsibility involved in the owning a dog. Dog owners should be able to provide food, water, medical care, love, attention and shelter.

2. Owning a dog is also a financial commitment. The normal care for one dog, which consists of basic medical care, supplies, includes food, average $1000 a year. Emergency care can vary from $250 to $5000.

3. Before the dog is taken to your home, you should make sure that you have all the supplies. These include a rabies tag, water bowls, food, ID tag, leash, food, dog bed and toys.

4. Find a good vet for your dog or puppy. Before bringing a dog, you should find a good vet in your neighborhood.

5. Make your home dog proof. Make sure to keep poisonous things out of the reach of your puppy or dog. Main things to look for are plastic bags, cleaners and poisonous plants.

6. Puppies need house training as they will not know the yard and your house automatically. It is your responsibility as a owner of the dog to train the dog properly. This needs time, patience and dedicated routine.

7. Make sure to socialize your dog. By revealing your dog to different environments and people, it will be a more strong, confident and happy animal. Make sure you be with socialization beyond the years of puppy. It lowers the chances that your dog could become scared or get aggressive toward other animals and people.