Top 6 Tips to Keep Your Yorkshire Terrier’s Coat in Top Shape

yorkie groomingYour Yorkshire terrier will be happy when you care for and pamper him. There’s no doubt that this breed is utmost cute with its soft, silky, flowing coat and if you want your puppy to look cute always, you should take care of his coat. With proper care, his coat will not only be healthy, but you can groom it in style. Here are some best tips with which your yorkie will have a coat that will make you proud.

1. Nutrition


Just like humans, a puppy needs the right nutrition to keep his hair healthy. If you want to ensure that your yorkie’s coat remains shiny, soft and healthy always, remember to give a balanced food for your yorkie. For example, to determine a healthy skin and hair in dogs, essential fatty acids (EFAs) are very important. A yorkie should be given a correct balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to ensure a healthy coat.

EFAs moisturize the dog’s skin and relieve inflammatory skin disorders. They also help skin to act as a barrier to allergens and other irritants. If the dog is suffering from flaky or itchy skin, or excess shedding, you should modify his EFA intake with your vet’s advice.

food for your yorkie

2. Combing


Yorkshire terrier is a single-coated breed and so, has a fine, smooth and silky coat. Also yorkies don’t shed, so the hair can even grow more than 14 inches. However, even if it’s not that long, the coat of your yorkie needs a diligent care and without proper grooming, it may become painfully matted.

Comb the hair of your yorkie every day with a pin brush and detangling spray. Spray his coat with a mixture of equal amounts of dog conditioner and water. Lift his hair and continue spraying until all the hair becomes slightly damp. Ensuring he has no major snarls or mats, trim his hair with a wide-toothed comb and scissors. Trimming before bathing will prevent tangles. If his hair is severely matted, you will need to shave him or take him to a professional groomer.

cutting yorkie's hair

Yorkies have a naturally shining, silky coat. But if your yorkie has a dry one due to some problem and has hot spots on it, first moisturize it and then use conditioners or natural oils on a regular basis to make it smooth and silky again.

Before brushing, work out the knots with your fingers. Limit brush only to stubborn knots. A better option is to clip the knots with scissors than trying to disentangle them with a comb.

While starting to brush, find a spot which is less sensitive. Legs or shoulder can be a good choice. If your yorkie experiences a tickling feeling during brushing, it may make him uncomfortable. Let the pin brush be without a covered back. Rubber or metal heads may cause scratches, tangles or even tear of the coat.

After brushing, use a comb to brush the coat completely.

Take special care of his face and ears and see to it that he doesn’t move; otherwise his eyes may get injured.

combing yorkie's hair

3. Bathe At Least Once a Week


Even if your yorkie looks clean, bathe him at least once in a week. If he is totally clear of dirt and body oil, the likeliness of forming tangles and mats reduces to a great extent. Thus by bathing you can keep your yorkie’s hair clean and snarl-free. Make use of a dog shampoo. Human shampoos are too acidic and will make your yorkie’s hair dry and his skin itchy. Apply the shampoo gently in his coat without ruffling or scrunching his hair. Before applying conditioner, carefully rinse the shampoo completely.

However, also remember that you shouldn’t bathe your yorkie too often because it can make his coat lose its natural moisture and cause skin problems.

Choose a spot for bathing which should be comfortable for your pet. Yorkies are known to be hateful toward water. Unless he is comfortable, he’ll try to run away and may get injured.yorkie


4. Applying Conditioner


While applying conditioner, comb it through your yorkie’s hair with your fingers and leave for three to four minutes. Conditioning your yorkie’s hair weekly in this way will keep his hair strong and moisturized, thereby soft and silky. Don’t forget to do the same for the hair around his genitals. If you neglect this area, the hair collects small fragments of fecal matter and urine, forming stiff, painful knots. After the conditioner sets on the hair, rinse it thoroughly and then pat his coat dry with a soft towel.

yorkie puppy

5. Drying Yorkie’s Coat


After every bath, dry your yorkie’s coat using a hair dryer and damp brushing. Keep the drying moving constantly to protect his skin from getting burnt. Leaving his coat for drying naturally will make his tiny body catch cold and also increase the chances of forming tangles in his hair. After his hair is totally dry, comb it with a fine-toothed comb.


6. Grooming


Yorkshire terrier puppies are born with a black and tan coat. Over time, the colors slowly lighten up and become steel-blue and golden tan. This happens within a period of three years, as per the American Kennel Club (AKC).

yorkie color change

Yorkie’s hair is very long and requires frequent grooming and brushing to maintain its gorgeous look. However, how to groom your yorkie’s hair is your personal preference, as there are many grooming styles. A basic style is to trim the fur very short. This is beneficial if you want to cut your styling time.

Ensure that you use only grooming scissors for trimming your yorkie’s hair. Such scissors are custom made particularly for this purpose and their ends are made to be safe for the dog’s skin. It also protects your dog’s hair from thinning out or splitting.

However, if you want to flaunt your yorkie’s long, silky coat and so, want to keep it long, it is recommended by the AKC to apply coat oil and wrap the locks in tissue paper, rice paper or plastic to avoid breakage. The oil should be cleaned out of the coat once a month for the best results.

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