Top 7 Types of Grooming Brushes for Dogs – Which One will You Choose?

animal grooming brush with vacuum attachmentYou want your pet to be always well-groomed and are in search of a good pet grooming brush. But with so many different types of them available, it’s quite daunting to find the right one. It’s also important to choose a grooming brush for your dog depending upon the particular texture and length of his coat. Another factor to consider is what you need from the grooming brush; e.g. do you want to detangle unruly knots or do you want something for deshedding? Here are different types of grooming brushes and combs from which you can figure out which one is right for you.

1. Slicker Brush

A slicker brush has fine wire bristles arranged on a flat or slightly curved base. Often there are protective nubs on the tips of the bristles or the bristles may be angled to avoid damage to the skin. This type of grooming brush is perfect for removing knots in long, medium and/or curly fur. It’s also perfect for removing undercoat and loose hair.

2. Undercoat Rake

Some dogs like Pomeranians, Samoyeds and Huskies shed in clumps. In that condition, a dog undercoat rake will enable you to remove this loose fur effectively and quickly. It has teeth set wide which pass through the topcoat and pull out the dead undercoat hair.

3. Grooming Brush with Vacuum Attachment

An animal grooming brush with a vacuum attachment helps in removing deep down hair and undercoat by bringing it to the surface and thereby making it easier to vacuum away. Due to the vacuum attachment, the shed fur is deposited straight in the vacuum’s bag so, you don’t have to collect it after the grooming session.

4. Rubber Brush

Also known as rubber curry brush, a rubber brush is an amazing multifunctional tool that suits every type of coat. It has rubber nubs which are especially helpful for short-haired dogs that shed a lot. The rubber acts like a magnet to which loose hair sticks easily and gets pulled out, and the soft pins offer a kind of massage to the skin and stimulate blood flow and facilitate the healthy oils to spread.

5. Double-sided Brush

A double-sided brush works as a dog grooming tool for all kinds of coats. Its one side is a pin brush that removes mats and tangles in the fur, while the other side is a bristle brush that smoothens and shines the coat.

6. Bristle Brush

These are perfect finishing brushes for all types of coats as they spread skin oils and smooth fur thus offering glossy fur. For a short-haired dog with a sleek coat, a bristle brush is enough to remove loose hair.

7. Mat Breaker

Mat breakers are of many types but they all are meant to help you remove dog hair knots. They have sharp blades that cut through the hair eradicating matted areas of fur.

Make your dog’s coat healthy and glossy by choosing one of the grooming brushes described above just as you would choose a pet finger toothbrush to keep his teeth healthy. And you will be a proud parent of a healthy and beautiful pet.