Immortalize Your Pet in the Form of a Beautiful Wood-Carved Image

before-after photos of Carver Dan's carved imagesYou love your pet and capture her/his countless photos on different occasions. Have you thought of immortalizing your pet in the form of a carved piece of art? Yes, you can do that. Imagine, a beautiful box with a carved image of your pet on its cover placed in your living room or office desk to which everyone is attracted and asks you about it! You can do the same for another pet lover you know and gift her/him with such a personalized gift with the image of their beloved pet on it. Let’s see how you can do that.

Intarsia – A Unique Art

Intarsia is a rare and unique art of wood inlaying. It dates back to the 7th century. It’s a woodworking technique making use of different sizes, shapes and species of wood joined together to form a mosaic-like image with an illusion of depth. After selecting wood or different wood pieces, each piece is cut, shaped and finished individually, and fitted together to form a brilliant picture. Even watching the process of how the artist fits the pieces into each other like that in a jig-saw puzzle is extremely amusing and you can see it in the video below.

Dogs Photos and carved pictures

Send Your Pet’s Photos to the Artists

You have captured innumerable photos of your pet by now. So, what you need to do is just send some of them to the artists. And they will first cut various pieces of wood that can be fitted together to create an incredible piece of art in which your pet will be immortalized, whether s/he is alive or not. If you gift such an exquisite piece of art to an animal lover, s/he will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

before-after photos of Carver Dan's carved images

Where can You Get Such an Art?

Carver Dan and his talented artists at can create these beautiful personalized gifts for you. Their specialty is that all their art pieces are hand-carved and they use only natural colors and textures of five exotic types of hardwoods, viz. rosewood, birch, ebony, boxwood and beech. No stains or paints are used in the creation. Because each piece is made of 100% hardwood, it shows an artistic elegance and durability that can make it a family collectible for generations to come.

Carver Dan has worked at Walt Disney World in Orlando; so, you can imagine the level of his expertise and skill. His artists too have practiced the art of Intarsia for generations. Watch some of their art pieces in this article and many more on their website.

So, if you are wondering about what to gift to a beloved one or how to immortalize your dear pet, here’s the awesome solution. Go for it and get a beautiful keepsake which you or your recipient will appreciate forever.