5 Super Tips to Make Caring for Your Pets Easy and Fun

best pet tipsDo you find keeping pets expensive? Think again! Maintaining your pets need not cost you a fortune. Here are some tips which are so simple and economical that they will make you wonder why they didn’t come to mind before.

1. Save Your Pet Food from Ants

Often in summer, ants find an easy way to your pet’s food bowl. You can prevent this with a simple trick – just keep the food bowl in a pan full of water. Not only this will save your pet’s food from ants but your pet can have the comfort of drinking food easily whenever s/he needs it. It’s also necessary to keep your home clear of ants.

2. Cute Economical Doghouse

You can use a storage bin as a dog house by cutting down one or two entrances (and smoothing their edges) in its walls and keeping it inverted. You can place a dog bed inside. This can be done at a fraction of the cost that you may have to pay for a chic doghouse available in pet shops. You can use the same trick for your cat too.

3. Quick Cat Litter Cleanup


Here’s one of the best pet tips that will save your cat litter cleanup time to half. Just line your cat’s litter box with a plastic kitchen trash bag before adding the litter. Now you just have to take out the bag to discard it, while having to wash the box with water only once in a while, but not daily.

4. Shower Cap as a Portable Water Dish

A long walk to your pet on a hot sunny day can make you and your pet thirsty. Slip in your shower cap in your purse before leaving the house and you can use it as a water bowl by filling it with water from your water bottle or any tap or fountain on the way whenever your pet needs a slurp.

5. Dog Dishes that Won’t Fly Away with Wind

You might have experienced the irritation of dog dishes that easily fly yards away due to wind. Dog dishes that are really heavy are quite expensive. But with a simple trick, you can save your dog’s dish from wind. Fill an ice cream bucket with a sand layer at the bottom up to a couple of inches. Then place another ice cream bucket or container that may fit inside in it which you can use as your dog’s dish. This won’t fly with wind.

Be creative and you will find caring for your pet not only easy but fun!