Decorating The Cages of Your Pet Birds With Toys

Having a bird as your pet is such a joyful thing, when you have birds at home you need a cage for them. And I am sure you would like to know about decorating those cages with bird toys. Bird toys such as ladders are available in plenty of varieties in pet shops. These ladders can adorn the cages and also amuse the birds and make them feel at home. Many people love to have birds as their pets. They certainly need cages in order to keep the birds safe. And the birds have to be provided with toys if you want to keep them happy inside their cages. You should know that when you put the birds into the cages, you will be cutting them off from the natural environment, and also restricting their movement. These things can be compensated by keeping the birds into good cages and providing them with plenty of toys.

Birds make use of their claws and beaks while searching for food, when they are out in the wild. Additionally they may also swallow anything that seems attractive to them or may also chew on branches of the tree. Birds are deprived of so many natural exercises when they are put inside the cages, even their food is served inside the cage itself. To compensate this, you need to give them their favorite toys which they can bite and scratch.

Pet shops that sell bird cages normally carry all kinds of bird toys as well. Various types of rope or plastic ladders are available in these shops for your convenience. Birds like rainbow ladders a lot, you can get rainbow ladders in various colors. There are bend and bridge ladders that can be kept horizontally inside the cage. Birds can lounge on these toys and also bite them. All these toys have hooks so that you can hang them easily inside the cages.

Apart from the bird toys that are available in the market, you can make your own toys at home. You can use colored coconut shells with edible vegetable dyes. If you have access to palm trees such as coconut, you can fold and pleat its leaves in the form of balls, arches, snakes or fiddles and put couple of them inside the cages every day. Biting on such natural things is safe for birds. You will also save lot of money by making and using such toys.

You can make different patterns of pleats out of lengthy colored ribbons and hang them inside or around the cages. They will decorate the cages and also become toys for birds. Merry go rounds of different colors that are used to hang over the top of baby cradles can also be used on cages. You can also put small plastic containers that can be easily opened and closed by the birds, birds love these types of activities. You can also use balls of wool as bird toy, birds will have fun playing with them.