Is keeping fish in tanks safe?

corner fish tankRecently there have been huge amounts of people claiming that keeping fish in tanks is cruel and unsafe. But often the people making these claims have very little experience handling fish and looking after them.

For example, the PETA claims that keeping fish in tanks causes them depression and reduces their lifespan. But the oldest pet goldfish ever lived to 43, which is well over the average lifespan of wild goldfish. So this proves that keeping fish as pets can actually be better for their health, provided that you know how to properly look after them.

Another concern that many people have is the safety of the tanks that are used. Although I always make sure that my fish have plenty of room to live comfortably and happily, there are owners who fail to make the same efforts, either out of laziness or lack of knowledge. A recent surge in popularity amongst people looking to care for fish has led people to buy tanks that take up little room, like these corner fish tanks. Although these can be suitable for smaller fish like Betta fish, you should always make sure that larger fish have enough room to live comfortably.

Most people will reassure you that they know how to look after fish properly, but that is rarely true. They think that fish can be cared for passively, but we know that this simply isn’t true. It takes time and dedication to properly care for fish, something that few people are willing to commit.

Here are some easy tips:

  • Choose fish that are compatible to each other
  • Ensure that the size of the aquarium is correct for the chosen fish species
  • Avoid overstocking fish
  • Avoid over-cleaning to maintain good bacteria in water
  • Avoid over-feeding fish

If you follow these tips, your fish will be safe and happy and you can boast of being an ideal fish tank owner.