Prepare before buying a guinea pig

girl playing with guinea pigAre you thinking about owning a guinea pig anytime soon? That’s great because they are very social animals and very suitable pets for kids.

However, before you go to the shop and buy one make sure you have got the necessary things to offer that animal a good life.

For one you will need a cage.. Preferably as big as you can offer for it, guinea pigs are most happy if they have space to run. A tiny (hamster-like) cage is not going to cut it. Second on your list should be food. There is special food for baby cavy’s with extra calcium for a better development, most pet stores have them so that’s easily covered. A water bottle is also essential, try getting one that isn’t ‘see through’ type. Why you might ask!? Because guinea pigs don’t drink that much.. so the water will go low very slowly, giving all kinds of molds and bacteria time to develop. Thankfully all those nasty things need light to develop, so a non-transparent bottle would be great! You also need bedding and hay.. bedding is to soak up the urine and against smells. Hay is something cavy’s eat 24/7.

These are all the things you need in order to make a guinea pig happy. Another great tip from us is the following: Choose guinea pig names with a high pitch letters in them, just like cats they respond to high pitch sounds.

Good luck with your guinea pig!