Thinking of Adapting a Rabbit?

Are you thinking of adopting a bunny in your family? These cute faces have been there from an early age. They are so cute, but many don’t understand what it takes to care for a rabbit properly. And because of this, these cute animals are being surrendered to animal shelters. Rabbits are wonderful pets, but before adding them to your family, here are some aspects to consider:

You should know that bunnies or rabbits are not starter pets. They need lot of care and attention than any other pet. Lots of love, cleaning cages weekly and daily food is some of the important requirements for rabbits. Children should never be given sole authority of taking care of rabbits.

While adapting a rabbit, time commitment should also be considered. Majority of rabbits can live for 7 or 10 years. During that time they need daily workout, time out of cage, clean water and fresh hay.

Neuter or Spray, male rabbits that are un-neutered are at a risk of prostate cancer and un-neutered female rabbits have around 80% chance of getting uterine, ovarian or other reproductive cancers. So, it would be intelligent to spray and neuter your rabbit.

Since rabbits are considered as exotic pets, you need to find an exotic veterinarian to treat them if something happens. You should do your research to see if you find any local vets who can treat rabbits. Local rabbit rescue organizations and animal shelters can help you in finding such vets. You should yearly check up schedules for your pet until it reaches the age of 5 and you should do it two times a year after that. It is very sad that rabbits are the third most surrendered animals in the world. United States has rabbit rescue groups to save them.