3 Mistakes Guinea Pig Parents Should Avoid

guinea pigsIf you have planned to bring home a guinea pig as your new companion, you have taken a great decision. Guinea pig is a fantastic mate, full of fun and energy. It’s bound to create a never-before joy in your life. However, you should also remember that a guinea pig is as delicate as it is fun. And you should be very careful while dealing with it. Here are 3 common mistakes guinea pig parents do, shared with us by the Meerschweinchen Community.

1. Assuming that a Guinea Pig can Live Alone

Yes, it’s a mistake to buy only one guinea pig! After all, how many hours will you devote to your guinea pig? You have to go to school or work, right? During that time, your guinea pig will need a friend to hang out with. Also remember that for piggies, living with humans is frightening, while with other piggies it’s safe.

You might think that two guinea pigs living together will cause a hell of a smell! But no! If you get a correct sized cage for two guinea pigs, it won’t smell so bad. And watching two guinea pigs interacting is sheer fun!

2. Getting a Too Small Cage

At a pet store, you will probably get a small-sized cage. Even the biggest and costliest cage in the store won’t be big enough and you will only waste your money. The best solution to this is to build your own cage by joining multiple wire storage cubes using plastic connectors and corrugated plastic. Guinea pig is an extremely active animal and exercise is good for its longevity. Therefore you should create as big a cage as you can.

3. Not Paying Much Attention to Nutrition

A guinea pig being a fragile animal needs good nutrition and you should take its nutrition more seriously than you take of your any other pet. Ensure that you give at least the following to your piggie:

Hay: Hay is extremely necessary for your guinea pig and it needs it unlimited. The digestive system of guinea pigs requires a diet rich in fiber; only then their health remains good. Their teeth too keep growing constantly and so, they need something to chew, for which hay is good.

Pellets: Pellets are dry foods that are available in various types, under different brands and prices.

Vegetables and Fruits: You should give a lot of veggies and fruits to your guinea pig every day. Experiment with a few of them to check what your pet prefers and then provide that.