4 Great Ways to Administer CBD Therapeutic Products to Your Pets

CBD Oil for petsCBD or cannabidiol is increasingly gaining popularity as an alternative therapy for pets. Unlike the wrong assumption of many pet parents, CBD is not psychoactive and neither it is the popular weed used for getting a high. On the contrary, it has amazing healing properties that can benefit in many ailments of pets and you should consider it as a way of giving your best furry friends freedom from many health problems.

CBD oil is characterized by its mild dosage of THC making it a viable option for animals as well as humans, particularly those who want to avoid any psychoactive effects. It has been proved to ease a variety of ailments, including inflammation, anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, seizures and stress disorders. Research indicates that CBD is a multipurpose compound with a range of benefits that can alleviate your pet’s discomfort.

CBD oil for pets can be administered in many ways. Here are various types of CBD products that can be effective in treating pets.

1. CBD Oil Extracts

CBD oil allows more accurate dosage and faster reaction time than that of edibles. It enables pet parents to control on how much CBD their pet child is ingesting. It works more like an oil-based health supplement instead of a recreational weed product.

Potency of CBD has a range of levels, from pure CBD to a blend of CBD and THC. Several manufacturers of CBD pet treats are insistent about using only hemp CBD oils in their products because of the hazards THC poses to pets. However, others prefer to use the full-spectrum oil that involves both, CBD and THC. Their opinion is that the full therapeutic advantages of cannabis plant cannot be experienced without using both of the cannabinoids. Sometimes these CBD-THC combinations, if used correctly, have been proved to be useful for more serious conditions and symptoms.

Pet parents should take into consideration from where the CBD oil is sourced. It should have been sourced from reputable suppliers that arrange third party lab tests.

2. Tinctures

CBD tinctures are available in the form of administering in a bottle and dropper form. While they are not as potent as oil extract, they work well for mild symptoms like nausea, muscle pain, anxiety and stress. They are also a best entry point for those pet parents who are still doubtful about hemp-based treatments.

Tinctures are liquid weed extracts produced by infusing CBD compounds with blends of vegetable glycerin, oil or alcohol. They are administered orally with a few drops placed under the pet’s tongue. This helps the compound to be absorbed more intensely in the bloodstream bringing about immediate relief.

CBD tincture

3. CBD Topicals

Weed-based topicals are traditionally used for humans and animals experiencing body and joint pain. They are directly applied to skin, thereby giving immediate localized relief. These creams and salves are only for external use and are soaked up into the skin to treat problems like weak joints, allergic reactions, inflammation and muscle pain. Most CBD topicals are combined with other therapeutic compounds such as herbal extracts and essential oils to offer an added layer of healing effects. These creams and balms are made from CBD and are a great alternative for those who need consistent relief all through the day.

4. Edibles

As a pet parent, you know how hard it is to feed medications to pets. Pets somehow manage to skip the medicine pill while finishing the rest of the treat. Administering CBD oil for pets through a tincture is also highly difficult as your dog is reluctant to open her mouth and tends to run away. Here CBD treats are great in which the pain relieving compounds are mixed in an easy to swallow and enjoyable snack. They are available in delicious flavors and your pet cannot differentiate between the medicine and his favorite treat.

So, you now have various CBD products that can benefit your dear pet. Use one that you and your pet prefers and look forward to having a great life for your pet.

CBD Oil for pets