Frazzle Pets – Great Diversity, Taste and Health in Pet Foods

trial size Frazzle FeastAre you a foodie? If you are, no one else can know better than you that eating the same food daily is not only too boring, but also it can upset your stomach sometimes. Imagine, if you are giving the same food to your pet, how bored the poor animal would have been! Don’t you think that pets should be given healthy food which is tasty too and also at the same time healthy? If, now, you are wondering about how to achieve that, don’t worry! An innovative service has been started with which you can bring a variety in your pet’s food that will take care of nutrition too and thus your pet will be happy and healthy.

Frazzle Pets

The innovative service I mentioned above is named Frazzle Pets. What should you do to get their service and what do they do? You should subscribe to Frazzle Pets and then they will send you a food box every month. The box will be full of various mouthwatering treats that are air-dried, freeze-dried and dehydrated. You can feed these treats to your pets every day or a few times in a week, and you will see that your pet is extremely happy and finish the food.

Frazzle Pets happy pet

Concept Behind Frazzle Pets

Once pet parents are recommended a particular food by their vet or other person, they keep on giving the same food to their pets. This can not only make pets bored of eating, but also cause health problems. It has been observed that most pet parents feed only one or maximum two types of foods to their pets. This can make the pet deficient in some nutrients. Or it is also possible that a particular ingredient is supplied in surplus quantity to the pet. Both these situations are dangerous for the pet. Moreover, the same foods eaten for months or years can develop allergies and sensitivities in pets to particular ingredients. Remember that no single pet food is ideal. All foods consist of different ingredients in different quantities. This means that every food may either be deficient or excessive of some or the other nutrient.

Another health hazard with the same type of food is that only one food can increase the flaws in that food causing dietary imbalance and eventually ill health.

Considering all these facts, Frazzle Pets has come up with a new concept of providing a diet to the pets that can be mixed with their regular menu every day or only a few times in a week. This will ensure that the pet gets a variety to taste and all the nutrients, so that your dear pets won’t become deficient in any nutrient or won’t get excessive supply of the other.

crunchy Frazzle snacks

Contents of Feast Subscription

The subscription of Frazzle Pets is rightly called Feast Subscription because it contains various flavors with which pets will be happy because they will understand that they won’t have to consume the same boring food every day. The contents of the Frazzle Pets Feast are extremely delectable and are freeze-dried, air-dried or dehydrated, and therefore extremely healthy too. They are soft and chewy or crunchy, thus, just to the liking of your pets.

However, in any case if your pet doesn’t like any food from the Feast, you can contact them by phone in order to figure out the best solution to resolve your pet’s needs.  So, you are absolutely sure that your pet will love the food in the Feast subscription.

Frazzle Pets Feast

Designed with Pet Health in Mind

All the foods contained in the Frazzle Pets Feast are designed with pets’ health and nutrition in mind. These foods are produced in such a way that if you give them daily or on alternate days to your pets, the pets will get all the nutrition they need. Thus, taste and health are both achieved. As the foods are air-dried, freeze-dried or dehydrated, they can be stored and served as per the convenience of you and your pet. Frazzle Pets has partnered with more than 40 pet food manufacturers so as to present the most convenient, nutritious and appealing way to create an assortment of flavorful and healthy food options to your pet’s meals every month while making you learn about various air dried, freeze dried and dehydrated foods available, so that you can make a perfect choice.

If you are feeding your pet a raw diet, Frazzle Pets Feast subscription is also great for you.

Also if you are traveling or are just short of time to prepare the type of meal you normally serve to your pet, the Frazzle Pets Feast will be like a godsend.

tasty treats by Frazzle Pets

A Company Built Around the Love for Pets

At Frazzle Pets, they believe that pets are important members of a family and therefore they should be taken care of just the way we take care of human members of the family. So, their food should be diverse, tasty and healthy. Frazzle Pets is also the first company to come up with the concept of monthly food subscription for pets. Health and fitness of animals is the basis of Frazzle Pets and so, they have also joined a noble work in the form of “Funds for Paws” initiative and also many other charities working for animal welfare.

Frazzle Pet Gift Pack

Frazzle Pets have chosen their partners carefully so that their customers can get extremely high quality air dried, freeze dried and dehydrated foods. These partners too are passionate for animals and have expertise to achieve the goals of providing natural and healthy food to animals all over the country.

soft and chewy Frazzle snack treat

Frazzle Pets will be starting a new promo campaign from 5th March to 15th March under which if you order 3 or 6 months Frazzle Feast, you get 3 months free! The promo code is EMPTYBOWL. Don’t miss this great opportunity.


Here’s a great idea to make use of Frazzle Pets’ delicious feasts! If you have a near and dear one or someone whom you want to impress for any personal intention or for a business purpose, who has pets and loves them, you can gift the feast box to that person and s/he will be delighted! It’s great to see pleasure and happiness on the face and eyes of someone you love!

All in all, your search of perfect food for your pet has come to an end with Frazzle Pets. Subscribe to this innovative service and see your pets happily finishing their meals and bouncing with health.