4 Useful Tips to Manage Your Cat’s Litter Box

Scoop ClawWhen you decide to become a cat parent, a litter box is an inevitable accessory you’ve to own. If you are wondering about how to manage the litter box of your kitty, here are a few useful tips.

1. Make a Habit of Daily Scooping Out

If you are fed up of smelly situations, scooping the litter box daily is the only effective solution. This habit of yours will also prevent your kitty scattering the litter while searching for a clean spot. Moreover, there are fewer chances for your cat to relieve herself elsewhere if she knows that a clean litter box is ready for her.

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Scoop Claw

2. High-sided Litter Box

An open but high-sided litter box will provide your cat the desired privacy to make him comfortable while using it but at the same time prevents any spreading of litter. However, remember to place the box in a bit of open space, because your cat shouldn’t feel confined from all sides.

3. Wash Regularly

Scooping out daily is good but if you want the litter box to look shiny always and free from stains and odors, washing it regularly is necessary. Washing it with warm water every week is perfect. Rinsing with vinegar is also great because it neutralizes odor. Such a clean litter box will save your feline from getting bladder issues.

4. Dust the Bottom of the Litter Box with Baking Soda

This trick is quite well-known to cat parents. Forming a thin layer of baking soda on the litter box’s bottom before adding the litter will keep the box odor-free between cleanings. Baking soda is great for cats too because its smell doesn’t repel them like that of air fresheners.

Use these tips to manage your cat’s litter box so that you will be free from stress and enjoy your cat’s company just as you want it.