Cat Collars – Things to Consider

cat collar buying tipsIn order to avoid the stressful incidents of loss of your cat, you should opt for a cat collar. But it can be tough to place the first collar on some cats, especially if they have never worn a collar. However, you should not leave your efforts of putting a collar and ID tag on your cat. Cats may be lost any time being curious and tempted to run out of house out of the curiosity. In that case, the collar and ID tag ensure that the cat is back home safe. It is wise to place a collar on even indoor-only cats because if they get out without a collar, a person may consider the cat stray and take her/him to an animal shelter.

Nowadays there are many fashionable cute collars available to make your cat look stylish too. At first, your cat may try to get rid of it by scratching it, as it feels foreign to her/him. But with time s/he will be adjusted to it. You can distract the cat’s attention from the new collar by offering her/him tasty treats, climbing posts or catnip toys. By the time s/he finishes the treat, s/he may have forgotten totally about the collar. You may need to repeat this tactic often in a day; don’t stop it till your cat gets totally habituated to the collar.

Neck Pain

Remember that kittens grow quickly and so, the collars should be checked and loosened from time to time. Otherwise, the collar can press into your cat’s neck causing excruciation and constant pain. Make sure to check your kitten’s collar every week till it’s fully grown. Even if the cat is adult, you should check her/his collar regularly to ensure that it fits correctly and is secured safely. Slip your two or three fingers between the collar and your cat’s neck. They should slip in easily. Elastic collars may lose their elasticity over time and cats lose weight while aging. Make sure that the collar has not been loosened so as to slip off your cat’s head.

Break-away Collars

Make sure that the cat collar you buy is a break-away collar so that it can easily come open if caught in something. This will save your cat from getting accidentally strangled due to the collar.

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