Dressing Up Your Cat – Things to Remember

frog hat for catIt’s not uncommon for cat parents to get tempted to dress-up their four-legged furry child and enjoy their cutest looks. However, it’s also common for them to wonder if it’s right to do that with the felines.

Well, cuts can definitely wear clothes and a cute piece of dressing such as a cute frog hat for cat is absolutely unlikely to harm them. On the other hand, it’s also necessary to think if they really want to get dressed up. It’s also important to take care of your feline kid while they wear clothes. Let’s know how to find out if your cat is happy to get dressed up and if they are, how to protect them while they flaunt their apparel.

Is it Necessary for Cats to Wear Clothes?

No! Cats have fur and hence clothes are not necessary to protect them from weather elements. Plus, cats use their entire body to explore their surrounding and anything that comes in their way can threaten and upset them. Therefore, it’s very important to first make your kitty comfortable and well-acquainted with the piece/s of clothing you plan to dress them in and only if they are comfortable, dress them.

How to Start?

The first impression of cats bout the clothing is important. Start simple. Leave the clothing near your kitty. Let the kitty roll around and get acquainted with the clothes and sniff them well. This way, the cat will get a feeling of acceptance and ownership of the clothing item.

Another important thing is to start with a simple item such as a frog hat and not any elaborate item.

Next you can place the outfit on your kitty’s fur for a few moments to let them understand the texture of the item.

Then very slowly, put only a part of the clothing on your cat and see if the cat is comfortable. Keep a lot of trets at hand and offer them as your feline completes the steps, so that they can associate the clothing with a positive experience.

frog hat

Spend Quality Time with Your Cat

Once you’re successful in dressing up your cat, it’s time to play with them with something like a feather toy. Playing typically makes cats more confident. Also, while playing, they move (while wearing clothes). These things will make your kitty more comfortable with the clothes.

Keep an Eye

Your duty doesn’t end after dressing up your furry child, but actually it starts from there, as you need to keep an eye on the cat and never leave them alone while wearing clothes. Cat wearing clothes may struggle with them at any point and want to take them off at once. If you see any sign of stress, take the outfit off as soon as possible. Some signs are hissing, eyes rolling to the sides or back, refusing to move, clawing at the clothing etc.

Make your cat comfortable in clothing and enjoy their adorable appearance which you of course can’t do if you do things forcibly. Happy dressing up your kitty!