3 Practical Tips for the Safety of Your Beloved Dog

keep your dog safe

Having a four-legged, furry child, named dog, is a great joy, because dogs are extremely adorable, loving and playful creatures that have the power to fill their parents with happiness. However, it’s also an unfortunate fact that they don’t have much of wisdom to keep themselves safe. In that case, it’s the parents’ responsibility to do everything to keep their dogs safe. Here are a few tips.

1. Keep Them in Safe Premises

Most dogs are active and love to explore their surroundings. They even don’t need to take the permission of their parents while crossing the limits of their safe home. They just wander and may get lost or stolen or in the worst case, meet with an accident.

A safe fencing like an electric dog fence is essential for your dog’s safety. But you should also be careful about not leaving your dog alone because dogs get bored when left alone and may find ways to escape. Make sure your dog wears a collar all the time with the latest identification info. Microchipping your dog is an even better idea because chips permanently identify your dog and don’t fall off like collars.

2. Keep Your Dog Safe in Winter

When temperature drops down, your dog doesn’t have the ability to pull out a warm sweater from the closet and wear it. In such a condition, the poor pet may keep shivering in shock with an abrupt change in the weather. Keep your dog safe by:

  • Keeping him away from ice and frozen water to prevent slippage and the resulting injury
  • Keeping containers of anti-freeze locked away and cleaning up any spills right away
  • Keeping your dog as warm as possible (heated bedding is a good idea) and giving the appropriate medications if your dog is arthritic

3. Keep Your Dog Safe in Summer

Although summer is a great time to enjoy time together with your dog outdoors, remember that hot temperatures can be dangerous for the dog. Keep her safe in the summer by:

  • Avoiding long walks, strenuous exercises and prolonged sun exposure to avoid the risk of heat stroke and sunburn
  • Never leaving your dog in your car unattended
  • Using dog sunscreen
  • Making sure there is plenty of shade available wherever you take your dog
  • Staying close to your dog while swimming or playing in a river, lake or ocean

Also, keep your dog away from poisons and dog fights, and visit your vet regularly to address any disease on time. By following these safety tips, you can enjoy your beloved dog’s company in a true sense.