3 Tips to Train Your Dog with Love

Train Your Dog with Love

You may not be an Obama, but you love your dog to the same extent. There are a lot of reasons for it. Some of them are he’s perfectly loyal to you, he can’t speak, he entirely depends on you, he obeys you, he’s there for you whenever you’re happy or in despair, the list is endless. But still there are a few things which you’d have to impose on your beloved pooch for yours as well as his peace of mind. Are you finding it difficult? Here are some tips on how you can train your puppy gently and kindly.

Choose Your Dog’s Name Cleverly

Cindy Philip, a professional canine trainer, says that if you want your dog to understand you, you should first choose a name for her cleverly, and should learn to respect it. The name should end with an emphatic consonant, for example, Ruby, Charlie, Oscar or Lola. This will help her or him hear the name clearly.

If your doggy is grown up by now, changing is not totally out of question. Depending on whether she comes from a shelter or breeder, you may want to have a new name for her or shorten her name. Fortunately, dogs are extremely flexible. If you use her new name consistently, she will soon respond to it, Cindy says.

Remember to associate her name with fun and pleasant things, instead of negative ones. Your goal should be for her to think of her name the same way she thinks of fun things in her life like ‘dinner’ or ‘walk’.

Make Him Relaxed When He Arrives at Home

Cindy suggests that when your puppy arrives at home, offer him a warm water bottle and place a ticking clock in his sleeping space. This will help him feel the same heat and heartbeat as that of his litter mates, and he’ll feel relaxed in the new environment. This is especially useful for a new pup from a crowded shelter who’s had a tough time earlier.

Rewards for Good Behavior

Your pet is an animal and doesn’t know the rules of human society. If she does something wrong, you should understand that she hasn’t done it to tease you and should not punish her. Punishment will only confuse her. But for her good behavior, you should essentially reward her. This will slowly make her understand how she should behave. Every time when she does something good, reward her with a treat, a toy or even a gentle, loving pat.

Dogs are friends of mankind since ages. They should be treated the same way – with love and respect. Do the job of training your puppy with love and soon he’ll learn things, to amaze you and others.