5 Great Supplements for Your Dogs to Make Them Healthy and Happy

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Our four-legged furry children are much like us humans. Obviously their health is much similar to us. Just as we need supplements for an extra dash of energy, vitality and power, they too need supplements to maintain or improve their health. If you are planning to start supplements to your beloved dog, here are some of the most popular pet supplements to help you start.

1. Turmeric

Besides adding a great taste to your food, turmeric has been offering medicinal effects since ancient times to humans. And now it’s been proven to benefit animals too. From fighting inflammation to treating arthritis, turmeric acts in various ways to benefit health and is an important supplement you should consider adding to your dog’s diet. You can use the Golden Paste for Dogs which is free from chemicals, steroids, gluten, grains, byproducts, preservatives or similar harmful ingredients, and is a natural detox and anti-inflammatory, and helps in allergy relief, boosts immunity, improves liver health, alleviates irritable bowel syndrome and can even be used on cuts, sores, hot spots and rashes.

Golden Paste for Dogs

2. Antioxidants

Antioxidant supplements are supposed to fight some of the effects of aging, such as cognitive dysfunction and memory loss. They protect the body of humans as well as dogs from free radicals that are potentially damaging molecules that can harm cell membranes and even bring about cell death. They are also used to treat heart disease and reduce inflammation in dogs. Vitamin C and E are natural antioxidants. Another powerful and natural antioxidant is Coenzyme Q10 the function of which is to convert food into energy. Along with this, it also fights free radicals. It is a popular antioxidant supplement used for dogs.

3. Fish Oil

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids and helps improve the quality and shine of dogs’ coat and reduce skin allergies. Some studies have found mixed results about whether fish oils can successfully treat heart disease, joint pain and arthritis. An American Journal of Veterinary Research study suggests that fish oils reduce inflammation.

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4. Glucosamine

Glucosamine is a compound found in cartilage i.e. the tough tissue that surrounds and cushions joints. It reduces with age resulting in joint pain and arthritis in humans as well as in dogs and therefore it should be taken in supplement form. It can be taken from the shells of shellfish and can be synthesized in the laboratory. For senior dogs, it may relieve joint pain and enhance mobility.

5. Probiotics

As probiotics are being more and more used in humans, it should not be to one’s surprise that they are also being widely used as supplements for dogs. Probiotics are naturally present in the body in the form of live bacteria that maintain the health of intestines and help in digestion. They are useful as supplements when dogs and humans suffer from diarrhea and other gut-related problems. There are many forms of probiotics such as yogurt, chews, capsules, powders and occur even in some dog foods.

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Although supplements are good for your dog’s health, you should follow certain rules before starting them, to be on a safer side.

Before giving any supplement to your dog, do consult your vet. This is because your dog may have a condition that requires medical help. In that case, if your dog is on a medication, certain supplements, even if they are herbal, can cause a harmful effect. Also remember to buy a reputable and trusted brand, such as the Golden Paste for Dogs.

Never make a mistake of assuming that human supplements are good for dogs. Some of them, especially those that contain garlic, can be harmful to your beloved pooch.

Last but not the least, don’t believe false claims like supplements curing cancer or other serious ailments.

Use dog supplements wisely and make your dog healthy and happy.