7 Dog Breeds for Active Owners

Looking for a new puppy? If you adore being outdoors and would describe your lifestyle as active, certain breeds are more suitable for your household than others. You should definitely look for a dog that can keep pace and enjoy long runs or hikes! Here’s our list of top 7 active dog breeds! We are sure it will help you make the best choice and find a furry-companion that would truly complement your lifestyle.

1. Labrador

Labradors are an incredibly popular breed, and for reason. They seem to get along with everyone! Since they to be active at least an hour a day, Labradors are a good choice for people who love being outdoors, hiking, running or walking.

2. Viszla

Beautiful, smart and loyal, Viszlas are always enthusiastic for outdoor activities. They love swimming, hunting, tracking, flyball and will gladly accompany you on your long beach run. Of course you can own a Viszla even if you’re a city bird living in an apartment, but make sure your furry companion get plenty of active time outdoors.

3. Jack Russell Terrier

If you want a small dog with high energy levels, opt for a Jack Russell terrier. This adventurous breed craves both physical and mental stimulation, therefore they are happiest when running, digging, chasing, hunting or playing outdoors.

4. Dalmatian

Owning a Dalmatian means getting attention everywhere you go. The breed is indeed very famous and beautiful, but there’s even more to that. Dalmatians are athletic, have high energy and adore off-leash walks. Being very protective, a Dalmatian makes a wonderful partner for a solo hiker.

5. Poodle

Even though they look so elegant and puffy, poodles are extremely active and and clever dogs. In order to be happy, poodles need to be both physically and mentally stimulated. They enjoy long walk and are perfect running-buddies, since they can go the distance. Poodles don’t shed much, which makes them a good option for owners who suffer allergies.

6. The Australian Shepherd

Protective and energetic, the Australian Shepherd is an ideal hiking partner for exploring different kinds of terrain. They are easy to train, intelligent and very loyal.

7. Mixed-Breeds

Shelter dogs shouldn’t be overlooked when looking for a new furry family member. Rescues and shelters often describe the dog’s energy level, character and habits. If you’re unsure, take a shelter dog out for run or walk and you’ll see if your energy levels match.