7 Tips To Remove Lice From Your Dog’s Body

Remove Lice From Your Dog’s BodyWhen a dog is scratching its body, then it can possibly be a sign of lice infestation. Now, the good thing is that the lice on a dog will never infect any human being. So, you don’t have to worry about getting the lice onto your body. As far as removing the lice from the dog’s body is concerned, there are many ways to do this. And below, we look at seven simple tips that can help you with making your dog lice-free.

1. Use A Lice Comb

One of the first things you can do is to use a lice comb on the coat of your dog. Run the comb repeatedly over the coat, and all the lice and larvae hiding in the hairs should come out. However, this is an extremely time-consuming process and can, therefore, be unsuitable for people who have busy lives. But if you do have time and choose to comb the dog, then do make sure that you comb every nook and cranny. If you let even a few lice exist on the coat, then they will again repopulate and cause trouble. Plus, once all the lice have been removed, put them in boiling water to kill them.

2. Apply Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has an antiparasitic and antibacterial property. It is recommended that you put a few drops of the oil together with the shampoo while bathing the dog. The oil will sooth the lice infections on the dog and help your pet get relief from constant itching. It is best that you do this once every week.

3. Wash The Dog Regularly

You should also wash the dog on a regular basis. Use a vet-approved soap and shampoo to clean your pet’s coat and skin. Make sure that you wash the god’s surface thoroughly so that the dog is completely covered with the shampoo. This will give you the best results and help in removing lice completely. It is also advisable that you use products from Pet-Lock.com while washing your dog.

4. Kill The Lice With Insecticidal Items

You can also use insecticidal items to kill the lice on the dog’s body. Look for items that contain things like Permethrin, Fipronil, Fenthion, etc. These are known to be very effective against lice. However, you should remember to use the products at least once every two weeks. These insecticidal products will only work on lice for about two weeks. As such, if you only apply them once a month, you will never have the lice affected region under constant care. By applying the insecticidal on the dog on a bi-weekly basis, you ensure that the pet has a strong protection against lice.

5. Massage Using Citronella

Another great way to free your dog from lice is by massaging it with citronella. The plant is well known to be highly effective against lice and itching. The best way to use the plant is by soaking them in water and boiling it in water. Let the water reduce by a good amount. Once the water has cooled down, filter the solution. You can then take cotton pads, dip it in the solution, and start massaging the dog. Make sure that you apply the solution to the regions that have been affected by lice. This will give the animal a soothing feeling.

6. Clean the Dog’s Items

Your dog will be using many items like a sleeping bed, toys, utensils, and so on. The lice on the dog can get onto such objects. As such, even if you remove the lice from your dog’s body, the creature’s contact with these objects will ensure that the dog gets infected with lice yet again. This is why it is necessary that you clean all the items that have been in constant contact with the dog. As far as things like sleeping beds and other fabric are concerned, put them in a washing machine and get them cleaned and dried vet well. With utensils, clean and disinfect it after your dog eats from them. And if you use any comb on your dog, then remember to put it in boiling water for about 10 minutes after use. This will make sure that the comb remains free from lice.

7. Treat Affected Areas Using Artemisia

Artemisia is a medicinal plant which is popular for being highly effective against lice. The insecticidal element in Artemisia oil will ensure that all the lice are killed off and the dog is protected from further lice infection. The best way to use Artemisia is to first infuse it in water and then apply the mix to the pet’s body.