Ensure Your Pets’ Safety with the Best Products

safety of your dogWhen you have pets, it’s a big responsibility to keep them safe from falling down from cars, out of doors, during car accidents or getting injured while entering or leaving home. In that case, it’s a great help if you get a tool that ensures safety of your pet. Variocage and Patio Pacific Endura Flap Doors are just the right tools for your pet’s safe movements.


Variocage is one of the very few crash tested transportation options for dogs. It has been crash tested at 50 km/h using a 45 kg dummy of a dog. The test is done in Europe. It is meant to provide safety to your canine seated in the rear part of your vehicle. It absorbs forces through telescoping panels and bars which form the “crumple zone” of the Variocage, while still keeping structural integrity. In earlier days, Variocages had to be imported from Europe, but now through the reputed online stores like Pet Pro Supply Co. they are available anywhere in the world.

Variocage is available in various sizes and the largest one is Double XX Large which is 28.14” tall, 41.73” wide and 37” deep. Though height and width are fixed, you can change the depth in the rage of 31.89” and 40.55” which is very convenient. This size of Variocage weighs about 85lbs.


Even if you choose to have the largest size of Variocage, you can use your back seats comfortably. There are tie down straps available with the cage with which you can secure the cage to prevent its movement in the moving car. A divider is also provided if you want to transport multiple dogs. The entire cage and its accessories are made of metal which ensures outstanding durability. It is also very easy to use. Only problem is you cannot move it in and out of your vehicle frequently once assembled, because it is quite heavy. To sum up, Variocage is excellent if you want to carry a dog or dogs in the rear of your vehicle.

Patio Pacific Endura Flap Door for Dogs

A flap door is considered the best for pets. Patio Pacific Inc. is a leader in doors for dogs and cats and has a huge experience of more than 35 years. Here are some reasons why flap pet doors of Patio Pacific are considered the best in the industry:

Flexible and Safe: Endura Flaps are designed with the first criteria in mind of flexibility and thereby safety of the pets. Pets are delicate and unable to speak, and so, even a smallest injury, especially a pinch is a big distress. Endura Flaps are designed to avoid even the smallest of injuries and are extremely soft and safe for your pets.

Best Seal: Endura Flaps have magnets which keep the flap and frame together firmly in any temperature throughout the height of the flap.

Insulation: Because of the excellent seal of Endura Flap, the flap provides excellent insulation too.

UV Resistance: Because Endura Flap is not made from vinyl, but a special material which is UV resistant, crack and wrinkles due to sun are prevented.

endura flap door for dogs

Variocage and Patio Pacific Endura Flap Doors ensure absolute safety of your dog in home and during transportation. You can get both these products at Pet Pro Supply Co. – Highest Quality Products for Pet Professionals and Enthusiasts, founded by a team of animal experts, passionate to serve animal professionals, pet parents and of course the darling pets.