Have You Noticed Panic Attacks In Dogs?


Panic attack in dogs appears unexpectedly and can be activated by loud noises like sharp sound of fireworks, rumbling thunder and gun shots. Fight or flight characteristics are greatly seen in dogs, but since it s not possible for them to fight an invisible identity, some dogs will show the signs of getting panic and they run for survival. Dogs that are safe within a fenced yard or enclosed inside a building, there is no place for them to run. So they show dangerous behavior such as whining, increased heart rate, panting and severe shaking.  

No one really knows why some dogs go through such panic attacks and other dogs show none of the signs during the same situations. In a house where there are more than two dogs, one may sleep without any disturbance through a strong thunderstorm, while another dog might experience panic attack and appears to be completely lost because of its fear.

When you have adopted a dog, which has been rescued, its past may be inaccessible. It could have been through some kind of situation that caused fear in the dog from particular situation or loud sounds. You may never understand the reason behind the panic attacks in your dog, but it is possible to help your dog to calm down instead of reacting to the situation.

A panic attack in dogs is almost as same as it is in human beings. Many of us still don’t know why people experience panic attacks in certain circumstance and some people don’t feel anything in the same situation. Luckily for people, we can talk and explain what is happening with us to others, but dogs can’t do it.

Dogs don’t have any techniques to deal with these panic attacks. They don’t have any methods of working through it nor can they understand how to solve this problem. So, as the caretakers, you must look into the matter and discover the techniques to help them overcome this problem. First of all, you need to understand the problem and not scold your dog for running away or damaging something when it goes through panic attack. Your dog is behaving in a weird way because he is also confused about what is going on. By scolding your dog you will be contributing more to his anxiety that he is already going through, which may even worsen the situation.