Outstanding Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Have you ever considered trying hydrotherapy on your beloved dog? If not, or if you’re surprised by the idea, let me tell you that dogs can benefit from hydrotherapy just like we humans do. Not convinced yet? Here’s what you should know.

How does Hydrotherapy Work?

Hydrotherapy meaning “water healing” uses properties of water, i.e. resistance, buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and viscosity, to enable a patient (whether a dog or human) to move his joints more easily. Due to water’s buoyancy, the weight of the body gets a support when submerged. This means that we don’t have to fight gravity. Thus stress on joints is reduced due to the buoyancy. This facilitates a much safer recovery after a surgery.

Hydrotherapy is also excellent for dogs who have degenerative joint disease or are recovering from an injury or have been paralysed.

It also helps in neurological disorders, fractures, amputation of a limb or hip dysplasia. And it’s also particularly helpful for dogs suffering from arthritis that comes with old age; the joint swelling is reduced by the warm water, which is still another benefit.

Types of Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Underwater treadmills, dog pools and whirlpools are some of the available types of canine hydrotherapy. All these provide a controlled environment.

Underwater treadmills are typically beneficial for canines with joint problems. The treadmill is usually encased in a plastic or glass chamber in which the dog enters and door is shut and water is filled up in the chamber only up to dog’s legs. Then the dog starts walking on the treadmill and the resistance is created by water to strengthen the muscles in a low-impact setting. Due to this, joint flexibility is improved, circulation is improved and joint pain is reduced. In addition, there is an improvement in flexibility, agility, range of motion, cardio respiratory endurance and muscle strength and endurance.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Water therapy strengthens, relaxes and stimulates the body. It may also improve overall energy levels, balance and coordination, while lessening stress and pain. However, it should be remembered that hydrotherapy must be given only under the supervision of a trained medical professional like the ones at LoyalWill Canine Hydrotherapy Centre. Only then your dog will get these benefits. If you take your dog in a local park and let her jump in a lake or river there alone, it may harm your dog.

Other benefits of hydrotherapy include:

  • Improved digestion and balance and coordination
  • Improved lymph drainage, immune system and better elimination of body toxins
  • Increased circulation, good for skin and coat
  • Weight loss – yes, water therapy works like a low-impact exercise and regular walking under the water or swimming in a pool can help dogs shed a few pounds and gain general fitness

So, take your dog to a professional hydrotherapy centre and enjoy watching her becoming healthy.