Why Your Dog Needs Dental Treats

Dog Dental TreatsLife would have been better if our four-legged best friends could brush their teeth on their own. Well, some dreams stay confined to the Fairy Tale books alone. We can’t expect all our dreams to get realized with wave of wand. The hard reality is that we must run after our dogs every day with a toothbrush.

Dogs and dental care- Why is it necessary?

What, toothbrush? Why should our canines need detailed dental care when their counterparts in the wild do great without a toothbrush?

Did you ever care to notice the broken chompers of those brats in the wild? No, right? We, the busy dog-parents, are also not bothered to read the reason for their shorter lifespan compared to the domesticated ones.

Possibilities are high that the untamed scavenging hounds picked up severe gum infections and periodontal diseases due to a buildup of plaque and tartar. These could have led to painful experiences, loss of appetite, and starvation. Let’s not dismiss the high probability of a dysfunctional organ in a wild dog due to the dental bacteria getting into the bloodstream. If these severe dental alarms are true for the wild-roaming mongrels, they cannot be less true for those cuddly fur balls at home.

The bottom-line is that like humans, dogs too can suffer from serious dental issues due to neglected oral hygiene. Thank God for the vets and the dog dental care products, we can afford to sleep at peace in the nights without worrying about ghastly infections gnawing at our munchkins’ teeth and gums.

Training dogs with healthy dental habits may sound like some military mission. But that’s a part of the parenting job, isn’t it? Here’s enumerating some of the essential steps to ensure your dog’s dental hygiene.

Regular Brushing of Teeth

Already sounds wearisome, but brushing is a must.

Some mischievous pups even nip at hand to protest the brushing. But, with persistence, they can gradually be trained. The good news is that not all dogs are the same. In fact, we know of a few who thoroughly enjoy the brushing routine. Yet, if your four-legged darling turns violent every time you draw the toothbrush near him, it’s advisable to take him to a vet for regular cleanings. In fact, if you train them properly, cleaning your pet’s teeth is as easy as giving them dog dental treats.

Besides, take your dog to the vet for routine periodontal checkups.

Dog Dental Treats

Now, this is everyone’s favorite – the dogs and the dog-owners, alike. Dogs love the taste. Dog-owners love the ease of use. Imagine the relief on knowing about an oral hygiene treatment for dogs that tastes like a treat to them. Allow your dog to chew dental treats with glee. And let the delicious, formula-based chews do the rest for your munchkin’s dental health.

Benefits of Dog Dental Treats

1. Like for humans, a dog’s molar teeth can possibly retain food residues. A dog also runs the risk of building up saliva in its mouth. These factors eventually cause the growth of plaque and result in the buildup of tartar. The dog dental treats are designed to cleanse the dog’s mouth and teeth, protecting against gum infections and pain.
2. A good dog dental treat doesn’t just protect from plaque and tartar but also fights against them.
3. Bad breath could be the result of bacteria proliferation in the mouth. A good dog dental treat will dispense with the bacteria and blow in freshness into your dog’s mouth.

Types of Dog Dental Treats

These super healthy and super yummy dog treats come in different forms. Before you buy one, make sure the product is duly recommended by the vets.

Dental Chews: These are available in the form of bones, sticks, and biscuits. Besides working wonders for the dog’s oral health, they are also packed with vitamins and minerals for overall health.

Rawhide Chews: These chewy delights are made from cow or horse hides. Some of them even contain flavors of beef and chicken to make them yummier. They will always make better chewing substitutes for your pups than your leather bags and shoes.

Dog Foods: Some dog foods are formulated to defend against plaque and tartar. Consult the vet for a suitable dental diet.

Dog Chew Toys: Dog chew toys are the non-edible versions of dog dental treats. If your wet-nosed sweetheart chews through the edible treats just too fast these toys will perfectly fit your bill.