Get your horse and you show ready this summer

make your horse show readyFrom jolly gymkhanas to BSJA show jumping, riders everywhere are getting ready for the show season. Whether you compete at affiliated national level, or just do it for fun, events across the UK bring out the competitive edge in everybody. Here are our top tips to help keep you and your horse in the ribbons this summer.

Test your tack

Before you embark on any training it is vital that you inspect all tack   , as ill-fitting or worn tack could not only affect your horses comfort and responsiveness, but it could also be a potential danger when riding. Furthermore, meticulous judges will be looking closely at your turnout, especially in the showing arena, so invest in high quality leather cleaner and conditioning oil to ensure you get noticed for all the right reasons.

Boot camp buddies

At riding club level and beyond, in order to be your best, you and your horse need to be n tip top condition. From good nutrition to regular training, you both need to be on a strict schedule to ensure you are both in great shape as this will have a huge impact on your form and endurance in the ring. Build your horses strength with hill training and flexibility with schooling and build your own through cardio, Yoga or Pilates. The British Riding Club offer a wide range of excellent training videos for tips on how to improve your form.

Get your beauty sleep


Although they may remain standing for the duration, sleep is as important to your horse as it is to you. It is during sleep that our bodies rest and our tissues repair, and this is particularly important during periods of intensive training where the muscles need to rebuild and grow. Good quality stabling provides a safe space in which your horse can relax recharge, so ensure that your stable is secure and in good repair before you bring him in for a well-earned rest.


Get your groom on


The only way to achieve a show ready shine on your horse’s coat is with a good diet and regularly grooming sessions. Invest in the best grooming equipment you can afford and use plenty of elbow grease to increase both the circulation and the sebum production across your horse’s coat. This nourishes the follicles and promotes new growth.


Mind over matter


Nerves are natural in competitions, but providing you have trained hard and prepared well then you are giving yourselves the very best chance. Practice and memorise your dressage test, show routine or course ahead of the event, and make a checklist to help you remember all the tasks you need to complete prior to and on the day of the competition.