Be a Happy Pet Parent with the Help of a Responsible Breeder

Woman Tenderly Hugging and Kissing Pet DogIt’s a great thing that you are planning to bring home a dog or a cat! But are you concerned much with its breed and purity? Yes, you should be. If you are in North America, you will be surprised to find that around of 80% of dogs and cats there are bred in puppy and kitten mills. What will you do in such a condition? Don’t worry; there are organizations which can extend a helping hand; one of the most trustworthy and responsible among these is PickAPaw!

What is PickAPaw?

PickAPaw is an organization which connects people who wish to pet dogs or cats to extremely responsible, trustworthy and professional dog and cat breeders in their areas, so that they can get purebred healthy animals. The mission of PickAPaw is to bring accountability and transparency in the animal industry.

PickAPaw Breeders

All PickAPaw breeders are professional breeders who are committed to produce the best animals of every breed they handle. The most important thing is that, they do the breeding out of passion and want to spread the joy of companionship of animals with others. PickAPaw wish to share their knowledge with the public.

A Better Experience for Aspiring Pet Parents

PetAPaw rightly thinks that aspiring pet parents deserve a better experience. Therefore they see to it that they make a well-informed decision and buy their pets responsibly. PickAPaw are on a mission to increase transparency in the process of breeding for sale, and they also encourage their clients to rate their breeders. Thus, your opinion will count and will help others to choose just the right breeder.

Why Not Buy a Puppy or Kitten from Mills?

Puppy/Kitten mills are facilities where puppies or kittens are mass produced purely for business. These unfortunate animals often end up in shelters, because they live in substandard conditions and therefore are plagued with various health conditions. By buying a puppy/kitten from a professional breeder of PickAPaw and not from a mill, you can discourage this unethical practice. PickAPaw has created an enlightening resource on puppy mills along with their own black list of breeders which you should avoid. This is of great help to you if you want to own a healthy pet which has been bred responsibly.

Founders of PickAPaw

Founders of PickAPaw are Olga and Oleg Gustol, who are passionate about animals and have values like fun, happiness, gratefulness and chill!

Visit to know various things about dog breeding, puppy mills and a lot of other information. It will offer you a great insight if you are planning to become a pet parent. Happy pet parenthood!

Woman Tenderly Hugging and Kissing Pet Dog