Peace of Mind for Horse Owners

black horseLike other medical insurance companies, Stoneways Insurance Services is in the business of insuring medical treatment in the event of accident, injury, or illness. However, Stoneways does not provide insurance of the typical sort. While one expects or at least hopes in the modern age to have some form of health insurance — some safety net from disaster — many consider this to be more or less a luxury exclusive to humans. Stoneways Insurance Services seeks to extend the potentially life-altering benefits of insurance to some of our four legged friends. They offer horse insurance packages, as well as insurance for dogs and cats. Other services they can provide include insurance on trailers and caravans, but their primary focus is horse insurance.

In business since 1990, Stoneways Insurance Services are horse insurance experts. They insure horses of all descriptions, whether they are race horses, show horses, or simply pets. Their services are geared towards assisting with veterinary bills and helping horse owners with unexpected mishaps.

Peace of Mind for Horse Owners

Owning a horse is quite a large responsibility. It can also be very expensive, especially if the animal should fall into an unfortunate situation or become ill. Proper veterinary care can be prohibitively expensive, and should disaster strike at a particularly inopportune time, treatment for horses can leave owners in deep debt. That is why a service such as Stoneways Insurance can prove to be a truly fantastic investment. Instead of enduring stress and panic when an equine friend is in danger, the reassuring knowledge of a quality insurance plan can help owners to think more rationally and put their mind to handling the task at hand in a calm, collected manner.

For their horse insurance packages, Stoneways Insurance Services offers several options depending on the level of coverage desired and the age of the horse. Full Comprehensive Coverage is available for horses up to 16 years old, and this includes a high degree of coverage for a variety of services. Restricted Coverage is also available, and this restricts coverage to injuries alone.

For older horses (17-25 years old), Veteran Coverage is available. This is tailored to the meet the needs of older horses and includes a wide assortment of coverage for different veterinary services to keep your horse well cared for and happy into its old age.

A Sound Investment

When it comes to horse owners, many love their horses like members of the family. Keeping them safe, healthy, and well provided for is essential, and this means having a horse insurance policy. It will quickly prove to be a sound investment the first time you need it.

Other Insurance Services

Cats and dogs can become ill or injured as well, and for many pet owners, their animals are fully privileged members of the family. To help keep them in tip-top shape, Stoneways Insurance Services also offers pet insurance packages for dogs and cats.

Trailer insurance packages are also available and are ideal for horse owners who also have a horse trailer, though Stoneways’ trailer insurance can be used for all types of trailers.