Pet Social Network –

Social networking has become more and more popular and it almost seems like we do not know how we managed to communicate and stay connected to our friends, family and co-workers before. We exchange stories, photos, experiences, nice things and of course, those not so nice and we do it online with people that live miles away or just around the corner. But, is social network reserved only for people or perhaps your pet could have his/her own profile? Well, or (shortened from PetPavillion) is a social network for pets. Of course, it is not the only website, but it is rather a good one.

Why would you sign up and make your pet’s profile here? Well, the reasons are numerous! First, it is free, so you do not have to pay a thing if you want to check it out and to decide whether it is useful or not. However, website of this kind can be quite helpful if you want to exchange tips, ideas and experiences as a pet owner. If you have a problem with your pet, you can ask other owners to give you advice how to overcome it. Also, if you want to find a good veterinarian nearby, you can check out what other pet owners think about him/her etc. If you look for a partner for your pet, can also help you to find the perfect match for your lovely companion. In any case, it is made to help you, being created by a pet owner for other pet owners. And, if you personally do not have a partner and you look for someone who shares your passion for pets, might be the perfect place to find your true soul-mate. This is especially useful for those people who own some exotic pets, like snakes, because your lovely animals might frighten potential partners. So, come to, sign up and let your pet lives even happier life!