5 Important Points to Remember to Take Care of Your Tabby Cat

Tabby CatMost pet cats are indeed tabby cats. Also, most cat parents may be aware of the fact that tabby is not actually a specific cat breed but only cats having their coats with tabby markings. These markings may be in a variety of shapes and of any color. The unique features of tabby cats are several different patterns of their fur which occur in both mixed breeds as well as in purebreds. The patterns commonly include whorls and stripes, tiger stripes, stripes and spots, and so on. Especially these patterns are prominent in cats with a white coat. A facial marking on the forehead resembling “M” is another unique feature of tabby cats.

Taking Care of Tabby Cats

Tabby cats are perhaps the most suitable as pets because they love to live indoors. Learn about 15 interesting tabby cat facts that will amaze you. They are also preferred by cat lovers mainly because taking care of them is easy. You just have to remember the following points.

1. Right Cat Food

Tabby cats are typically meat-eaters and thrive on flesh of other animals. However, they don’t kill other animals for food. So, you need to feed them high-quality protein-rich cat food. The food should also consist of a significant amount of vitamins and minerals so as to keep them healthy. The feeding time should be fixed. Adult cats have to be fed twice daily.

2. Water

Tabby cats need a lot of clean and fresh water throughout the day. Especially if you feed your tabby cat with dry cat food, the requirement of water is even more. If there is a shortage of water, the cat’s body will be dehydrated and the cat will be sick. Remember that tabby cats will never drink dirty water or water with bad taste or foul smell. So, remember to keep the water bowl clean daily and change the water.

3. Toys

Besides food and water, tabby cats need a lot of toys to play with. They prefer simple toys, such as balls, strings, sticks, fake mice etc. At times, they can even play with furniture around by climbing up and down, jumping around and do other activities that will amuse you.

4. Keep Them Happy

Tabby cats are emotional beings. You have to remember to keep them happy and cheerful. If you don’t give them much time after you bring them home, their personality will be affected badly. They may become sad or aggressive if neglected. Also don’t try to hold them back during their playful mood.

5. Clean Litter Box

Just like clean water, tabby cats are also keen about clean litter box. The box should be spacious too and it should be placed in a quiet corner of the house.

Remember these points while caring for your tabby cat and you both can spend many cheerful moments together.