Be Wary if You See These Signs in Your Pet

flea infestation in petsOwning a pet is a great responsibility. As pets cannot tell you their problems, you need to look for the signs and symptoms yourself. Fleas are one of the most annoying infestations pets can have. And the biggest problem is that the signs of the infestation are often not very obvious. Most of the first time pet owners tend to believe that fleas cannot enter their house. It is good that you take precautions, but fleas can infest your pet even after taking good care of the pets. So, keep looking for the following signs and symptoms as these may indicate a flea infestation.

Abnormal biting, licking or scratching – Don’t ignore if your pet starts biting, licking or scratching itself. Fleas are expert in hiding themselves. Once they find a way to the pet’s body they hide in hard to reach and see places like tail, armpit, head, neck, and groins. They suck blood from our pets’ body and multiply themselves very rapidly. So, if you find your pet licking or scratching these areas, be wary about fleas’ infestation. You may need to take an appointment with your veterinary doctor.

Red patches on the skin – Not every pet will get the red patches when infested by fleas. But, many of them are allergic to fleas bite saliva. This allergy causes red patches or lesions on the pet’s body. It is worth noting that the patches need not be at the same place of the bite. The red patches of allergy can come at any part of the body of your pet. Keeping PetAction products at your home is also a good idea as these are very effective in getting rid of fleas and ticks.

Abnormal hair loss – It is common to find furs here and there if you pet a dog or cat in your home. But, you should always have an eye on the number of fallen furs in your home. If your pet is losing furs at more than the normal rate, then there must be a problem that needs to be detected. There are many reasons that can cause hair loss in pets including the fleas’ infestation. The hair loss may also be caused due to continuous scratching.

Pale gums – You won’t normally see this symptom if you keep an eye on the above-mentioned symptoms. Pale gums are the clear signs of anemia which can be caused due to severe flea infestation. This happens when fleas extract blood much faster than the rate of blood formation in the pet’s body. This sign can turn into a life-threatening problem for your pet if you ignore it. So, start medical treatment for your dog as soon as possible.

Any unusual activity of your pet can point towards a problem your pet may be going through. So, don’t ignore any of them. You should try to read every action (or inaction) of your pet to see if it’s completely healthy and happy. If you keep a pet, be a good pet parent.