14 Things I Learned From a Cat – A Delightful Reading Experience

14 Things I Learned from a CatWhen you have a pet, you are lucky to have a true friend. But true friendship is not the only thing we learn from our pets. Man has always dominated this world since he evolved to get an advanced brain. However, animals, though they don’t have brains as we define it, are much brainier than man in many things. And therefore, having an animal or bird around is learning a lot of things and based on this point, a wonderful e-book has been written by Christopher Carson named 14 Things I Learned From a Cat! If you are an animal lover, you should read this extremely amazing book.

The story is of a girl who met the cat quite accidentally. It was her boyfriend, Patrick’s cat who wrote poetry and she published them and when the cat came in his life and house through the back door, he insisted to publish the cat’s photo on his next book of poetry, instead of the usual practice of publishing his own photo. And this was the point of time when she met the said cat.

The writing style of Christopher is very soft and creating an ambience and interest, which is very important to engage the reader. Any story should be able to create an ambience in which the reader should unknowingly enter and enjoy it! Christopher has got that ability; he softly tells the story of the arrival of the cat in first in Patrick’s and then the girl’s life, and how she went on learning the 14 things during the rest of her life with the cat. You don’t even realize when you enter that atmosphere and visualize how she lives with the cat!

I cannot resist the temptation of mentioning at least a few of the qualities the cat taught the girl, because if you don’t believe that a cat can teach you something, you will realize that it can, after reading the book!

Acknowledgement and Recognition

Acknowledgement and Recognition were the basic things with which the girl’s relationship with the cat started. It’s absolutely true and amazing what he describes about the situation when two breathing creatures meet. It’s important to decide for both of them whether to stay or flee. Thus the recognition takes place and a decision is made which is the base of the relationship.


Next thing is Acceptance which is obviously the most necessary thing when you stay with an animal. When humans meet and want to accept each other, they have lots of mental barriers and confusion about how to proceed. But an animal is never confused about accepting other animal, though it’s a human!


Christopher tells beautifully how the girl learned about responsibility when she was out and neither her partner nor the cat had eaten anything. And in the story, she gives a great message that how a changed schedule without communication causes stress to everyone involved. It was not just the food for which the cat was depending on her, but she (cat) needed to be with the girl. It is amazing to read how the cat first didn’t acknowledge her, then avoided eye contact and then forgave her.


Respect towards animals is utterly important and the way the cat respected her owners, their mood, their willingness and their very existence taught a lot to the girl to respect others’ emotions and existence.

When you will finish the book, you will be compelled to think upon the man-animal relationship and more amazing is the fact that the things mentioned in the book are absolutely true and have been experienced by all of us some or the other time in our lives, and so, we cannot deny them. So, if you want a pleasant reading experience, “14 Things I Learned From a Cat” is the book you should read. Grab your e-copy today and read something which will delight your senses.

14 Things I Learned from a Cat