4 Strong Reasons Why You Should Buy a Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog Car Seat Cover by Family PoochMost dogs love car rides. But even if one doesn’t, their parents have to take them along in a car for various reasons such as for vet visits, to a dog park or to any such place where the dog’s presence is necessary. Your dog’s company while going in a car is amazing. But as a return, you get dirt, dust, stains, pet hair and scratches on your car seat, and you end up in spending an hour or two of your valuable time in cleaning the car seat. But why should you suffer so much, when there is a simple solution like a dog car seat cover available?

But the problem is that, you consider a dog car seat cover as an accessory which you may or may not buy, and you keep postponing the shopping. The truth is that, if you have a car and a doggo, you should have a dog car seat cover. Still not convinced? Here are reasons why you should essentially have this cover.

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To Protect Your Car’s Interior from Scratches and Tears

No matter, your car’s interior is made from polyester or leather, it’s not just designed with the possibility of a doggy playing with it in mind. Thus, even if it’s advertised as heavy-duty and durable, it cannot withstand your dog’s destructive moods. There are lots of possibilities when your doggo would feel like biting here and there during the car ride. Perhaps they may see a food particle stuck somewhere or they may simply feel anxious for some reason. In such a situation, they would straightaway start scratching or biting your car’s interior elements. Obviously, you can’t always stop the car to stop your dog from their destructive behavior. Damage to your car’s interior is a frustrating affair and pretty expensive to repair.

When you use a dog car seat cover, it creates a solid barrier between your doggo and your car’s interior. Moreover, the material of the cover is tough enough to take in the Fido’s bites and scratching. All in all, you become worry-free about the damage to your car’s interior from your pet.

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To Fight Stains, Odors and Other Unpleasant Happenings

Dogs love to play with mud and dirt. As a loving dog parent, you cannot stop them from enjoying the play. But then you have to see a lot of staining in your car’s interior and have to undertake a pretty long cleanup when you are back home.

Also, even if your pooch is well undergone housetraining, there are all possibilities of accidents and messes. Since a car is a closed space, no matter how hard you scrub it and try to fill the space with an air freshener, odor keeps lingering. If your car seats are made of cotton, the stains and odor can easily seep into the seat, and then you can never bring it back to a perfectly clean condition.

Don’t you think, in such a scenario, your car seats should have a protection? A simple waterproof dog car seat cover can save you from a lot of irritation, efforts and frustration. So, why not buy one? Waterproof covers help control stains and odors of urine. Look for a machine washable cover, like the one by Family Pooch, that will offer a great convenience. If it gets dirty, you just have to remove it and put it into the washing machine, leaving your car seat perfectly clean.

easy to clean

Comfortable for Your Doggo

Your car seat is not designed with dogs in mind and so, it won’t hold your dog in place, when the car is running, and your doggy is bound to wobble around and may feel uneasy. You cannot even put a seatbelt on your pup.

Hence, you may say that the dog car seat cover only protects your car seat; but what about your beloved Fido? Will they be comfortable enough? Absolutely! The materials used for making the cover are super comfortable and are chosen with dogs in mind, so your beloved pet can sit or lie down or look outside the window and enjoy views – in short, they can do anything without wobbling and getting scared. The materials are such that they won’t allow the pet to slip and hit their head, or suddenly get a shocking jerk when you turn or hit the brakes or suddenly increase or reduce the speed. You don’t have to worry about your pet’s mental and physical safety while driving. So, the dog car seat cover not only leaves you worry-free, but also will let your pooch enjoy the car ride.

the dog can do whatever

Superior to Crate

Your resistance to buying a dog car seat cover may even be because you use a crate to take your furry friend out in your car. Crates are definitely fine – they keep your pet secure and also protect the seat from any mess. However, they have a major drawback – they are much shorter of space for your pet than a dog seat cover.

The seat cover has plenty of space for your pooch to move around. Don’t you think this is a great feature to increase the happiness level of your pet? Due to the confinement in a limited space in a crate, your pet may get restless during long rides. A dog car seat cover eliminates this possibility and provides perfect comfort to your doggo.

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A crate has another drawback where a seat cover proves superior to it – firstly, the crate takes a long time to set up and breaking down whenever you want to use it or store it away. You’ll also have to ensure it won’t slip or skid around. Especially, if your pet is a larger breed, a crate becomes bulky and absolutely inconvenient to deal with.

A dog car seat cover, on the other hand, is extremely easy to install and can merely take minutes. You just need to unfold it and fasten its straps to the car seat and you’re done! This is an especially a positive point when you’re running late to your vet’s appointment or a similar situation. A dog car seat cover is highly convenient to deal with.

easy to install

Hopefully, these are enough reasons for you to buy a dog car seat cover. Buy one – it will make yours and your pet’s life much easier and happier than before!