4 Important Points to Check while Buying the Right Cat Diapers

Cat DiapersCats are fantastic pets especially for those who don’t have much time for maintenance of pets. Cats are self-dependent and don’t need much attention, unlike dogs. However, you have to look after them when they get old and develop some health issues. Particularly when they develop urinary or fecal incontinence, they don’t get enough time to reach their litter box to respond to the nature’s call and that causes a huge mess all through the house. A great solution to this is cat diapers. They allow your furry child to roam around the house freely and give you freedom from the worry of rugs and furniture getting dirty. Here are a few useful tips to help you buy the right cat diapers.

1. Right Size

Just like we humans, cats too vary in size. Some of them are thin while others are fat. Getting the wrong size of diapers will add to the problem. Therefore it’s essential to measure the girth of your cat properly around the area in front of the hind legs. Also, consider the weight of your cat and tally it with size chart, which you can get included with the diapers when you buy cat diapers on Facebook or elsewhere. It will help you find the perfect fit for your kitty.

2. Washable or Disposable

Cat diapers too, like baby diapers, can be washable or disposable. Washable diapers can be used again and so, have a better value for long-term use. However, you have to insert disposable pads in their lining. Disposable diapers on the other hand already have an absorbent padding fitted in the diaper.

3. Material

Find out the material of the diaper. Make sure it is lightweight and durable. Lightweight diapers will help your kitty to stand heat projected by her fur. A non-bulky diaper lets your feline to move around easily and comfortably. Otherwise she’ll be irritated and try to remove it. Also make sure the inner layer is cool and soft. Another important thing to check is the closure that helps both ends of the diaper strap around the waist. It should have a robust and high-quality Velcro so as to give a snug fit and shouldn’t trap your cat’s fur.

4. Tail Hole

Cat diapers, made to absorb urine, are available with a tail hole. It’s important to get the right size of tail opening to allow adequate room for your kitty’s tail. It should neither be too small to curb your feline’s tail to swing and nor too large to cause leakage. It also should be trimmed in soft fabric to prevent skin irritation.

Check these points while buying diapers for your beloved kitty and both of you can spend good time together.