8 Awesome Cat Breeds that You should Think of Bringing Home

Maine Coon CatCats are adorable. Their faces are innocent and have an air of wisdom. They are furry, soft to touch and sweet to look at. You can watch their gestures for hours without being bored. Almost all cat breeds are beautiful to look at and so, some people are so passionate about them that they have every bit of information about them. For example, the Maine Coon Admirer has all, means literally all the information about one of the most adorable cat breeds – Maine Coon, such as Maine Coon characteristics, their history, colors, breeders, which breed you should buy, grooming, difference between genders, healthcare, difference between mix-breed and original, pictures, stories and much more. Here are 8 most adorable cat breeds that you should consider buying.

1. Maine Coon

This is a great cat and is a native to Maine. This is the largest domestic cat breed with its average weight being up to 18 pounds, and some healthy ones can even reach up to 20. You are sure to fall in love with this cat with the first look because of its very feline face. It takes around 3-4 years to become fully mature. Its fur is extremely thick and has a waterproof layer. Its large paws help it while walking in snow. Its long tail is so thick that it can wrap and protect its face in harsh weather. Maine coons are extremely gentle and well-behaved, no wonder, it’s one of the most popular cats in America. It’s also healthy, with no need of intense medical care. It’s also a great pet for kids and gets well with other pets too, even with dogs. The most remarkable of its characters is that it’s a great mouser.

2. Persian Cat

Persian cat is quite famous, especially because of its silky long fur, eyes that captivate your mind and a compact face. Persian cat wins your heart because of its gentle and peace-loving nature. It’s essentially an indoor cat and may not be the best for a household with children and other pets (with a lot of hullabaloo). If you love Persians, you have to remember that you will need a lot of time to care for it, because it needs daily bathing and grooming, since it has got exceptionally long fur. Due to such a long fur, this cat cannot groom itself thoroughly and is vulnerable to matting. However, you should also note that grooming this cat is one of the many pleasures you would get from owning this cat.

3. Exotic Shorthair

An Exotic Shorthair cat is similar to a Persian cat, but is short-haired. This cat also has a compact face as well as rounded eyes and it looks more like a soft, cuddly teddy bear. While its temperament too is much the same as that of a  Persian cat, i.e. calm and gentle, it can be more inquisitive and lively at times, and also can be very laid-back. If you want a Persian cat but have no time to devote to its grooming, you can bring home an exotic shorthair.

4. Ragdoll

Another breed that is calm and affectionate is the Ragdoll, named so by a breeder in the 60s due to its laid-back and relaxed nature even if you pick it up. However, it is its special character that it follows you from room to room; in short, it’s not lazy. You should protect it always and should not leave it alone on roads because it doesn’t have a fighting nature. Actually it doesn’t use its teeth and paws during play. This also makes it the most perfect pet for kids. It also gets along well with other pets, but you should take care not to leave it with any violent animals.

5. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is one of the oldest cat breeds. This is an ancient Egyptian cat breed having characteristically large, supple and pointed ears, and slim legs. If you love playful and curious cats, an Abyssinian is your ideal choice. It’s an intelligent, willful and extrovert cat and tremendously loves games and water; so, you are quite likely to get bath partners in your tub! Surprisingly, despite being so curious and inquisitive, it’s generally a timid and shy cat when it encounters strangers; but it gets along well with doggies that are cat-friendly. This is the best cat for a household that is very comfortable.

6. Birman

A birman is a beautiful cat breed and is considered to be native to Burma. According to legends, the Birman cats are protectors of the temples in Burma. This cat has a long, large and strong body with silky long hair (but not as thick as that of a Persian cat) that doesn’t mat. Its blue eyes, ears with dark points, and unique face, tail and legs are its most prominent characteristics and make it unique. This cat breed is also known for its gentle and playful nature. It can stay quiet too if you want and doesn’t interfere in your work. Therefore it’s an ideal cat for households with children and other pets. It’s a fat cat weighing 8 to 12 pounds on an average.

7. Siamese

If you have a bad image of a Siamese cat because of the bad cats in the movie The Aristocats, remove it from your mind while encountering for the first time with this lovely cat breed. They are a bit greedy for attention, but they are also affectionate and social cats. Actually Siamese cats are a bit nervous and sensitive kind of animals and love to go with a routine and habits. However, they are playful too and so, are only a bit less perfect for kids and other pets. Siamese cats have a variety of colors and have got characteristic dark patches on ears, face, tail and paws.

8. Oriental

The Oriental cat is related to Siamese cat breed and has got large pointed ears, sleek yet muscular body and a quite demanding nature. If you love inquisitive cats, this one is perfect for you. It’s intelligent too and is a loyal and playful companion; it’s also kid- and pet-friendly.

So, bring home one of these cool cats and you will have a cute friend that purrs!