Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message – A Book with Interesting Facts about Cats

Baba: A Magical Cat with a MessageIf you are a cat-lover, you might have realized that cats have something different than other animals. Another animal we commonly bring home as a pet is a dog, and we also observe stray dogs and cats, and then too we realize the difference. While dogs look more child-like, cats look more mature. They are also calm and composed. If you agree with this opinion of mine (& even if you don’t), you should read the new book Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message by Shirlee Hall, who is a renowned author, a visionary and a professional speaker. This book of hers is filled with actual facts, habits, history and many other details about cats that any cat lover should read.

Theme of Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message

Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message is based on a fantastic theme of a cat named Baba having a human pet named Mama Shirlee. The book tells what Baba shares with Mama Shirlee now and again, and they are great things of wisdom. From these facts, truths and stories, Mama Shirlee realizes how wise cats are!

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Magic: An Inevitable Part of Life

A best thing about the book is it proposes through Baba that there is magic in this world; it actually exists in ‘us’ and with this magic, we cannot only help ourselves but others too. We can use this magic to heal ourselves and become an expert in the subject of comfort. We all have pain of some kind or the other, whether it is physical pain, or emotional or spiritual, and we are in search of a remedy that can remove this pain.

Baba tries to teach us that the remedy exists in ourselves and with its help we can help ourselves as well as others to reduce or eliminate their pain. All in all, wisdom of cats is far superior to that of humans.

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Shirlee Hall is a successful healer, a great visionary, inspirational teacher and a spiritual consultant too. Visit her website to learn amazing things about life. She is running spiritual workshops for more than thirty years. Her books consist of her firsthand spiritual experiences about healing of body and mind, as well as soul. Through her books she teaches others how to identify and use our innate energy to achieve a permanent stage of wholeness that will cover all aspects of life and make our life happy! Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message is her 7th book in which she has shown that cats have this wisdom and we should learn it from them. The book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the store of Shirlee Hall’s website See this beautiful video about Baba!