Choose Your Cat’s Litter Box Carefully

choosing right cat litter boxHaving a cat as a pet is great. But you have to bring all the right cat supplies before bringing the cat to your home and one of the most important cat supplies is a litter box. You will also notice that your cat is quite fussy about it. So, unless you are ready to bear with a mess regularly at home, keep the cat’s litter box up to her/his choice. Learn more about cat litter boxes here.

Find the Right Location

It’s a common tendency for cat parents to keep their litter boxes out of sight. It is understandable because that way odor is minimized and cat litter can’t be tracked across the house. However, if you keep the litter box right in the basement, near a weird appliance or on a chilly cement floor, your cat may not be pleased to use it.

So, you can compromise by:

  • Choosing a location which is convenient for the cat and gives her/him privacy
  • Avoiding placing the litter box close to heat-radiating and/or noisy appliance/s, such as a washing machine or a furnace. Noise can make the cat nervous and heat can amplify the odor because of which the cat itself may prefer to stay away from the litter box.
  • Choosing the location of the litter box far away from the cat’s food and water bowls. Just as you don’t like the smell of litter while eating, the cat too doesn’t like it.
  • Placing at least one litter box on each of the levels if your house is multi-leveled. If you are multi-catted, provide litter boxes at many locations in your house for each of your cats

Let the Litter be Fine-grained

If you really care about your cat, choose a fine-grained litter for her/him because research has proved that they love such a litter maybe because of the softer feel. The latest scoopable litters are fine-grained and also keep the odor down.

Types of Litters

There are a variety of litters on the market, like the traditional clay litter, crystal-based/silica gel litter, scooping/clumping litter and bio-degradable/plant-derived litter. If your cat is not happy with any type of commercial litter, s/he may prefer sand. Once you come to know which of them your cat likes, continue with it, as changing litters frequently can lead to your cat avoiding the litter box. is an excellent site where you can get thorough information on cat litter boxes, so that you can take an informed decision while buying one.