How to Keep Your Cat Clean

how to keep your cat cleanCats are perhaps the cleanest pets. They hardly need frequent cleaning and therefore pet parents who are cleanliness freaks are much more comfortable with cats than with any other pets. However, there are times when cats act weird and you get questions like how to get rid of cat urine smell or loose fur. Here are tips to keep your cat clean always and talk about her/him proudly to your guests.

It’s a sign of a healthy cat that s/he cleans herself/himself fastidiously, as per animal health experts. A cat’s tongue is barbed and it helps her/him in many ways. This tongue of your cat:

  • Remove loose, dead fur
  • Removes the food odor from their fun and whiskers, thus reduces the risk of getting attacked by predators
  • Removes parasites like fleas from the coat
  • Improves circulation
  • Speeds up healing of wounds
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Makes feel good

Does Your Cat Need a Bath?

If you have a dog, you need to bathe her/him frequently to remove the odor characteristic to dogs. However, cats rarely need a bath. You may introduce them to water and shampoo whenever they go through something unhygienic. Otherwise, daily baths are just not required. However, cats may need help to clean their inner ears as they cannot do it themselves, especially if they scratch their ears or the ears are smelling. Another scenario is after 12 years of age, most cats fall prey to arthritis of some or the other type which may make their body less flexible and thereby unable to clean all parts of body.

What to Do if Your Cat Stops Grooming Herself/Himself?

Sometimes cats stop grooming themselves and sometimes they even groom overly. Both are signs that the cat is in ill health and it’s time to see your vet. Even if the cat smells, it’s a sign for a vet visit, because a healthy cat never smells.

What to Do if the Cat doesn’t Use Litter Box?

Cats may skip proper hygiene if the litter box is not scooped for days. It’s also a sign that the cat is in ill health if s/he is not using the litter box. If you want your cat to use the litter box, you should scoop the pan daily and change if the litter itself starts smelling. If you notice an aroma of ammonia, you should rinse the box and fill it with fresh litter.

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