Prepare Yourself and Your Home to Welcome a New Cat

stretched catA cat is always a good addition to your family. Cats are innately clean! So, you don’t have to bother about cleanliness of your home and with your kids. Cats are also absolute amusers. It’s fun to watch them playing and hear their mew after you step into home after a hectic day. However, while you expect fun from your pet cat, the cat too could expect something from you. So, better you know about how to prepare for a cat’s arrival in your family and which cat products you will need. Here are some tips.

Prepare Your Family for the Arrival of the Kitty

There are people who don’t like animals. Reasons may be countless. They may be afraid of the animal touch. Some hate them. Some think that animals could spread diseases. You have to ensure that everyone in your family is ready to welcome a cat. Talk to them and ensure that they know that they can have fun with the cat only when the cat feels safe with them. Also you should ensure that everyone is ready to perform tasks like litter changing, grooming and feeding, if required. You can even divide these chores among them so that everyone will feel attached to the animal and it wouldn’t be exclusively your playing toy.

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Understand What Your Cat Tries to Tell You

Cat can utter 16 different types of sounds like meowing, purring, hissing, howling and more, and countless types of gestures in their body language. You should study the meaning of your cat’s language to look after her/him well and make her/him feel safe, assured and protected with you. You should also learn about her/his mysterious voices, pounding and nocturnal romps.

Cat Products

Just like you make your home ready for your baby, you will also have to make your home ready for your cat. As such, you have a variety of products. But there are some basic things that you must have:

  • Bowls for food and water and food of her/his choice
  • A litter box and the type of litter s/he has been using
  • A rough-textured and strong scratcher that would enable the cat to stretch fully while scratching – should be minimum three feet high
  • A cat bed with a lining of warm and soft towel or blanket
  • Toys – should safe and stimulating. An idea is to give them toys that will make noise, so that you would know when they start playing
  • Grooming tools like a high quality nail clipper, brush, etc.

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An ID tag is very necessary for your pet cat. An implanted microchip too works best when your cat goes out and doesn’t find way home. You can also get a safety collar having an elastic panel which will help your cat to break loose when the collar is caught on some object. You may be careful of not letting the cat outdoors, but a door or window remained open by mistake may be a way for them to escape, and in that case, an id tag or safety collar may be helpful.

Offer a Room to the Cat

Offer a room to the cat which should be less frequented by your kids and other pets. It will let the cat eat, sniff, play and scratch while being in her/his bearings. You can arrange the cat things in this room and let her relax there.

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Want to Bring Changes – Do that Slowly

Don’t try to change the habits of the cat suddenly. Give her/him some time to adjust in her/his new home and family. Give her/him the same food and same litter s/he was used to in her/his old place. Later slowly try to push the new foods and a new brand of litter etc. to let her get habituated to the new things.

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Give Space

Give space to your cat to get adjusted to the new place by letting her check her surrounding and her new possessions. If you have other pets, keep your new cat away from them in her room for some days, and observe from a distance whether s/he tries to hide in a corner or zooms out from the room. Let your other pets get acquainted with the sounds and scent of their new pussy friend.

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How Many Days S/He will Need?

A cat may require 7 to 14 days to adjust to her/his new surroundings. After this, slowly introduce the cat to your kids, friends, relatives and neighbors. If you have other pets, don’t let the new cat roam freely everywhere in the beginning, as animals are sensitive about their territories. While they are getting introduced to each other well, make sure that you are there to keep an eye.

Keep Your Home Protected

After your new cat gets adjusted to your home well, s/he will start roaming here and there. In that case, you should not leave items anywhere to let her/him chew or gulp them. Things like tissues, toilet paper, pencils, pens, wires, tapes etc can cause hazards if the cat swallows them. Also keep harsh cleaning products, medicines and other household poisons out of the reach of the cat, inside a cabinet and the cabinet should be locked. Also some house plants can be toxic for cats and you should keep them out of their reach.

Visit Your Vet Regularly

This is the most important thing you should do. In order to ensure your cat’s good health, her/his regular checkup is necessary; so, don’t miss a visit to your vet. is an excellent site to get tips about cat care. They have also an amazing range of cat products. You can watch some of them in this article too and many more on their site. Visit their Facebook and Twitter pages to know more about them. So, whenever you need to know about or buy something for your cat, don’t forget to visit

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