Simple Ways To Have Fun With Your Cat

playing with your catThe joys of owning a cat can be endless. You will find that there are a lot of great things that you can pursue when you own a cat. Sometimes, it may seem as though you put things on auto-pilot and let them just enjoy their time. They can be independent for the most part, sleeping, eating, and using the litter box without much interaction, especially if you use an automatic one. However, there are simple ways that you can enjoy a little more fun with your cat, especially if you think outside of the box. Whether you have a lot of time to spend with them, or you just have weekends, and when you’re not at work to have fun, these ideas will help you enjoy a bit more with your pet.

Build A World For Them

Everyone lives within the confines of walls. If you have multiple cats, why not build shelving that goes along the walls and allows them to perch in different areas. You can easily create ledges, levels, and then decorate them to fit nearly any mood or solution. Look for inspiration online, and you’re going to find that many cat owners have created livable, artwork, that has layers to it. From “Super Mario World” to “Star Wars”, there are plenty of design stepping stones that you can work with to give your cat a world that is above ground in many ways.

Build A Fort

Get some empty boxes, and start to carve out wholes, circles, squares and more. You’re going to find that cats love boxes in general, but if there are entry ways, and isolated areas where they poke out their head as well as hide, they’ll be in paradise. Buy oversized boxes and you can join them in their little fort. You can also mount several together and build an incredible lounge for them, as well as other ideas. Again, look online for inspirational elements to have more fun with your cat and some cardboard boxes.

Lasers Everywhere

Cats love chasing lasers. It’s just something that is engraved in them. As such, get multiple laser pointers and play with your cat, tire them out, and have them enjoy the chase a little. You’re going to find that this is a simple thing that will get them moving around, and having a little more enjoyment than the daily routine of sleep, and well, sleep. If you don’t want to have multiple lasers, that’s fine. Just get one, and watch your cat fly around the house chasing the red dot with a great enthusiasm.

It’s good to have fun with your cat. Use the tips above to enjoy your time with them, as well as have a little fun with your family. Alongside these tips, consider automatic pet feeders, water fountains, and even automatic litter boxes. These all go a long way to help you enjoy a little more time with your pet, instead of cleaning up after them, adding more food to bowls, and more. A little automation goes a long way to save time.