Three main things you should know about the massive Maine Coon

Maine CoonMaine Coon is undoubtedly one of the most interesting cat breeds – their past and creation are tied to many speculations and legends and even some possible connections with great historic events. But one thing is sure and it’s that these kittens are one of the best choices you could make for a pet because they are fascinating cats and great companions. Yet, there are three things you have to consider before getting one. Such are the…

Physical Characteristics

Because they originated in Maine, one of the most distinguishing marks for the breed are surely the traits that help these cats to endure cold and wet weather. They have tick lush outer coat that requires little maintenance and a bushy tail that strongly reminds a raccoon’s. Their eye color could vary mainly between gold, green or blue and sometimes there are kittens that are born with eyes of different colors. Their patterns and colors are just as varied and they would reach up to 12-18 pounds. When you are buying a cat like that you should also have in mind the fact that they could take up to 5 years to reach their full sizes due to their massive appearance.

Personality and behavior

Surprisingly even though Maine Coons are massive in size, they are still ideal for pet owners that are new in this. This is because they require little outer maintenance, they could easily fit with humans, other cats, children or even dogs and they are extremely playful. They also love human presence. They could follow their owner around the house and even wait for them on the other side of the door while they are in the bathroom!

These cats are not even dangerous for the furniture because they don’t tend to climb either, for as it looks like they prefer to be on the ground. Maine Coons aren’t noisy as well and it is hard for one to hear its voice but when they do hear it they are always surprised of the fact that these cats have much quieter voices than others of their kind. They could also serve as mouse hunters and could sometimes bring you a “present” if they are given the chance.

Health issues

The most important part for a future pet owner is to introduce himself to the primary health issues that his pet could have in future time. Maine Coons, for example, due to their large sizes are most likely to suffer from heart diseases. Such is the feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that could cause either a small heart murmur or a sudden and instant death. Some lines from this cat breed could suffer from hip dysplasia and Spinal Muscular Atrophy that also could shorten your pet’s life.

But you should also know that breeders could easily determine the possibility of this with genetic testing. In order to prevent such ill cats to be born they don’t let such pets to breed.