Tips on Choosing the Right Cat Bed

brown-suede-cat-bedsAs any experienced cat owner already knows, cats spend most of their lives napping. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to spend some time sorting out a comfortable resting place for your pet. With so many cushions, baskets and cat houses in variety of sizes, types, materials and colors, it might be really difficult to make the right decision when purchasing cat beds. Here are really useful and easy tips that will help you with that task!

To your cat, any color is alright, so choose the one you like the most or, even better, the one that matches the decor of your home.

It’s crucial to pick the right size of a cat bed for your cat; your furry companion should be able to stretch out comfortably. However, cats prefer smaller places because they feel more comfortable and secure there, so make sure you don’t buy too big cat bed. Therefore, measure your kitty from head to the base of the tale and add a few centimeters, especially if you are purchasing cat beds online.

Fabrics are very important factor to consider when buying a cat bed. For stuffing and lining, natural fabrics are ideal, because they help with allergies and provide more comfort for your kitty. When I say natural fabrics, I mean cotton, feather, kapok, wool etc. However, hypoallergenic synthetic fabrics are also a good solution.

The best cat beds are those that are washable (preferably in the machine), since it is the only way to keep your pet’s sleeping area free from allergens, fleas and clean.

Make sure your cats can get in and out of their beds. For example, older cats and kittens have difficulty getting in and out if the walls of the bed are too high. Perhaps it’s the best to choose a cat bed with a shorter entrance area, but higher walls; your kitty will get in easily and feel cozy at the same time.

Finally, it’s easy to know whether your cat likes the bed or not. If it isn’t comfortable enough for sleeping, your kitty will choose to nap at other places such as the laundry basket or your favorite armchair. Of course, expect your cats to sleep everywhere, but if they avoid sleeping in their cat beds, you need to look for more suitable ones. The more important factor to consider when choosing cat beds is, by all means, their approval.