4 Things You can Expect from a Puppy Store while Buying Your New Puppy

snowflake new puppySo, you have decided to bring a puppy to your home. It’s a great idea. A puppy makes an excellent live toy for your children. When grown up, the dog is a friend whose loyalty is unmatched. But are you wondering where to get a puppy so that you won’t come across a problem in the future? Here are some things your puppy store should give you along with the puppy to ensure this.

1. Check Papers

Several breeders or puppy stores of today give their buyers a written contract while they collect the new puppy. Such a contract should ideally be clear and concise. It may include a clause by the puppy store to take the puppy back at any time if you are not able to care for it. It should also include a clause defining refund policy. Most importantly, it should include information about any endorsements placed on your puppy’s registration since if this information is not present in the contract, the registration is likely to be invalid.

The other documents you should get with the puppy are health certificates, litter registration, Kennel Club membership and so on.

2. Microchip Installed

In today’s age of technology, a microchip is a device that is extremely useful to spot your dog if he is lost. It’s a permanent identification chip, about the size of a rice grain, implanted under your puppy’s skin at the back of his neck. It has a unique number which is recorded on a microchip database registry along with the information of the animal and his parent. Thus, if your puppy is lost, local councils, animal shelters or vets can scan the chip and contact you. Therefore, it’s important to make sure whether the puppy has been installed a microchip.

3. Shots

Some vaccines are needed by all dogs, whereas some are more specific to particular breeds of dogs, their lifestyle and the area where you live. Your puppy store should have given him the necessary shots and should give you the information of all the shots he will require in the future, so that you can continue them.

4. Guarantee and Warranty

A health guarantee of a puppy is a kind of contract that is provided by the puppy store to you to reassure you about the puppy’s health and wellness. A warranty is also about the health of the puppy. However, you should remember that a dog is a live animal and no one can guarantee that he won’t be ill anytime. You should accept that he may encounter microbes, environmental changes, pollution and genetic issues and can get sick some or the other time and should not blame the puppy store or breeder.

Still, having these many items from the puppy store can give you the desired peace of mind that you have got a really decent puppy who will be your great companion.