5 Adorable Hybrid Dogs You Should Consider Bringing Home


Dogs are always sweet to look at and more so, in behavior. Each dog breed has some adorable characteristics of its own. But when two dogs of different breeds come together to give birth to puppies, the pups show these characteristics as well as some other characteristics too and that’s amazing. Here are a few such hybrid breeds of dogs that you’ll love to know.

1. Beagi

This adorable dog is a corgi beagle mix breed. Corgi is one of the most popular dog breeds with small, fluffy body, tiny feet and upright ears and Beagle is also not less and belongs to hound family. Beagi gets the cute characteristics of both his parents and has a unique charming personality. He is warm, gentle, intelligent, playful, active and a good hunter too. All in all, you’d love to bring this dog home.


2. Frenchton

Frenchton is the child of a Boston Terrier and a French Bulldog. This lovable soft-faced angel is bestowed with total health. Yes, it almost never faces any health problems that a purebred Boston Terrier or French Bulldog typically has. Thus, if you bring this tiny pup home, you don’t have to worry about her premature death or expenditure in the vet’s office.

3. Morkie

This cute tiny dog is the cross between the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier. He’s so cutely tiny that he fits even in a purse. But his mood swings may be quite fearsome; forget to take him out on a certain day or play with him, and you’ll have to face an aggressive little demon!

4. Alaskan Malador

Although many hybrids have recently come into limelight, the Alaskan Malador has been around since the 1800s. She is the mix of Alaskan Malamute and Labrador Retriever and came up when her parents were common in the US and either crossbred by humans or came together without prompting. Though this hybrid has been around for over a century, it also has been relatively rare.

5. Goberian

Having the gentleness of a Siberian Husky and loyalty and loving nature of a Golden Retriever, the Goberian is a blue-eyed gentle giant. This hybrid is actually relatively new, but has been picked up quite quickly by the pet-loving community, due to the combination of his amazing looks and a loving behavior.

So, what do you think about these hybrid dogs? Have you started planning to bring one of them home?