5 Excellent Dog Care Tips to Make You an Ideal Pet Parent

dog training secrets

Whether you’re bringing a dog home for the first time or are an experienced pet parent, your pet’s health and happiness should be your top priority. Here are a few tips to help you become an ideal dog parent.

1. Food

Apart from learning dog training secrets, you should learn what to feed to your dog so that she stays in her best health. High-quality dry food can provide a good balanced diet for adult dogs when mixed with broth, water or canned food. While a 12-week puppy needs four meals a day, 4- or 5-month old one will need 3, 6-month old will need 2 and a 1-year old will need only 1 meal a day. In addition to meat, your dog will also enjoy cheese, boiled eggs, and iron-rich veggies like beet and carrot; but all of these should be without salt. Never give the food that you eat that contains bread, spices, oil and sugar to your dog.

2. Exercise

Another essential factor for your dog’s health is exercise. Exercise makes your dog stress-free, keeps his weight in check, and gives good food for his brain. Amount and type of exercise will vary depending upon the breed, gender, age and fitness level of your puppy. Never forget to make him play, walk, run etc. as it will help him avoid boredom and destructive behavior, and will satisfy his natural instincts of digging, chasing, chewing and retrieving.


3. Dog’s Den

Your dog will need a quiet, safe and warm place to unwind, off the floor and away from all drafts. Ideally you should buy a dog bed or training crate and place a clean blanket and pillow inside. Wash the bedding often. Make sure she can access her shade easily.

4. How to Handle Your Dog?

When still your dog is not grown up or of a small breed, you have to hold him sometimes but you should do it carefully. You should place one hand under his chest and the forearm or other hand should support his hind legs and rear side. Never try to lift your puppy or a small dog by the neck, tail or forelegs.

Handling Your Dog

5. Keep Ticks and Fleas Away

You should check for fleas and ticks on your dog’s body daily, especially during warm seasons. It’s better to remove fleas with a flea comb. Several new methods of tick and flea control have been invented. You can learn about them from your vet.

Along with these tips, you should also make sure you do regular health checkup of your dog at your vet and follow your community’s licensing regulations, and got an ID tag and microchip for your pooch. Following all these tips will help you proudly call yourself an ideal pet parent.